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Group for fans of Fluttershy. Come and join...I mean, if you want to...

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  1. @#cute @#Fluttershy @#Pinkie !Fluttershy !Pinkie_Pie !ppr

    Friday, 19-Apr-13 14:17:55 UTC from web
    • @#Derpy @#Fluttershy !Fluttershy # !ppr

      Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 09:45:10 UTC from web
    • my favorite pony of the mane 6 is Fluttershy and best background pony has to be Octavia

      Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 04:56:12 UTC from web
    • @#Fluttershy !Fluttershy

      Wednesday, 03-Apr-13 23:17:25 UTC from web
    • @#Fluttershy !Fluttershy If you turn on subtitles you can read what the lyrics are supposed to be

      Sunday, 10-Mar-13 14:47:44 UTC from web
      • Prepare yourselves. @#cute @#Fluttershy !Fluttershy #

        Tuesday, 05-Mar-13 11:32:19 UTC from web
      • !@saucy quick! one more femslash thing before February is over

        Friday, 01-Mar-13 05:19:52 UTC from web
      • !fluttertwi !Twilight_Sparkle !Fluttershy

        Monday, 18-Feb-13 00:23:33 UTC from web
      • !Twilight_Sparkle !Rainbow_Dash !Fluttershy #

        Friday, 15-Feb-13 21:54:55 UTC from web
      • @#lightshipping # !Fluttershy !Pinkie_Pie

        Friday, 08-Feb-13 19:39:19 UTC from web
        • !Fluttershy @#Fluttershy

          Tuesday, 05-Feb-13 08:43:42 UTC from web
        • @#RD @#Fluttershy !Rainbow_Dash !Fluttershy #

          Tuesday, 05-Feb-13 08:37:50 UTC from web
        • # # @#lightshipping !Rainbow_Dash !Fluttershy

          Tuesday, 05-Feb-13 08:12:03 UTC from web
        • @#Fluttershy @#SweetieBelle !Fluttershy #

          Tuesday, 05-Feb-13 07:48:14 UTC from web
        • @#AJ @#RD @#Fluttershy @#cute !Applejack !Rainbow_Dash !Fluttershy

          Monday, 28-Jan-13 10:30:51 UTC from web
        • !Fluttershy @#Fluttershy

          Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 10:43:08 UTC from web
          • !Fluttershy @#Fluttershy @#cute

            Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 10:33:29 UTC from web
            • !Fluttershy @#Fluttershy @#cute

              Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 10:32:54 UTC from web
              • =D

                Wednesday, 14-Nov-12 22:02:43 UTC from web
              • Hey Hey Hey, how my brony folk doin' ?

                Wednesday, 14-Nov-12 00:08:00 UTC from web
              • my step-dad turned on college game day, and one of the signs had !fluttershy going yay!

                Saturday, 10-Nov-12 17:57:21 UTC from web
                • !fluttershy I'm new to this thing so uhh what do y'all other ponies talk about?

                  Wednesday, 31-Oct-12 16:49:35 UTC from web
                • @greydragon412 I've got !Thunderlane, !Fluttershy and !Soarin as my favourite ponies who are pegasi.

                  Friday, 27-Jul-12 14:02:28 UTC from web
                • @derangedstallion I saw your profile picture at !fluttershy wanted to tell you how cool it is, plus your background pic rules too.

                  Monday, 14-May-12 15:22:52 UTC from web
                • @flyingwhales welcome #!! How are you?

                  Monday, 14-May-12 06:29:28 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                • This is just for whatever, the most random question ever!, who's your mlp character crush lol

                  Wednesday, 02-May-12 14:16:34 UTC from web
                • Was research Fluttershy's voice Actress, found out she was in dragon tales, and dragon ball Z. I love Fluttershy that much more. !fluttershy #

                  Friday, 06-Apr-12 19:24:27 UTC from web
                • Yeah! !Fluttershy is the best!! She dat one best and special pony. She da best!

                  Friday, 23-Mar-12 14:39:31 UTC from web
                • ~yay~ I joined the !Fluttershy group, well, I mean, if that's ok with everypony.... So..........*squeee*

                  Wednesday, 21-Mar-12 20:00:38 UTC from web
                • Typed best pony into google images. First image of a pony was Fluttershy. !fluttershy is best pony.

                  Thursday, 15-Mar-12 18:56:20 UTC from web