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A group for all the minecraft players on RADN

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  1. Well, finished making a wicked-bad obsidian and lava pyramid volcano; guess I may as well go to bed now. !minecraft

    about a year ago from web
    • A fittingly crappy website for my crappy !minecraft server. <3

      about a year ago from web
      • OK, I think good ol' Latrobe might be up for better or for worse. !minecraft

        about a year ago from web
        • Hey, who wants to do me a solid and connect to my stupid !Minecraft server at and tell me how crappy it is? :3

          about a year ago from web
          • Aww, man, Bukkit's dead!? And I was just inspired to start messing around with !Minecraft plugins. :c

            Wednesday, 16-Sep-15 02:35:37 UTC from web
          • I am really rather surprised and impressed by how much of my old !Minecraft castle is still standing.

            Friday, 11-Sep-15 05:30:53 UTC from web
            • Do I need to download some kind of a thing to !stream from Twitch?

              Tuesday, 14-Jul-15 04:51:58 UTC from web
            • Not sure what kind of church this is, but I built it for my castle town. !minecraft

              Saturday, 07-Feb-15 22:57:49 UTC from web
            • Another angle, by daylight. !minecraft

              Friday, 06-Feb-15 19:51:57 UTC from web
              • A !minecraft work in progress.

                Friday, 06-Feb-15 19:45:53 UTC from web
              • Don't drink and !Minecraft, kids. #

                Sunday, 18-Jan-15 22:59:01 UTC from web
              • The graveyard is way too big. None of my kids have lived to adulthood. Maybe I'm a really bad father. !Minecraft

                Friday, 26-Dec-14 07:48:16 UTC from web
                • Somebody either bought 432 eggs from me by the dozen, or took advantage of my one free egg offer to take 432 eggs from me one at a time in !Minecraft.

                  Sunday, 21-Dec-14 23:45:36 UTC from web
                  • I wonder if the !minecraft server I play on would allow my "censored nudist" skin.... #

                    Sunday, 21-Dec-14 07:12:09 UTC from web
                    • !minecraft

                      Saturday, 20-Dec-14 21:50:36 UTC from web
                      • Set up an automatic nightly fireworks show on my !Minecraft residence. This is the closest I have come to accomplishing anything with my life for a disappointingly long time.

                        Saturday, 20-Dec-14 19:02:24 UTC from web
                        • Harvesting snow for an Xmas party on !Minecraft because #

                          Saturday, 13-Dec-14 04:49:06 UTC from web
                          • I built a water slide! !minecraft

                            Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 03:43:47 UTC from web
                          • Aww, hell; !Minecraft ate my sleep schedule. I'll catch some portion of you later!

                            Monday, 08-Dec-14 08:23:16 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                          • !Minecraft hottub in a bikini.

                            Sunday, 07-Dec-14 12:16:50 UTC from web
                            • I am the best at !minecraft

                              Sunday, 16-Nov-14 02:09:41 UTC from web
                              • I have no idea how this !minecraft server's online auto map works, but I think I'm filling in parts of it?

                                Wednesday, 12-Nov-14 03:36:41 UTC from web
                              • ??? !minecraft

                                Tuesday, 11-Nov-14 19:41:08 UTC from web
                              • I think I may be accidentally RPing a lunatic. !minecraft

                                Tuesday, 11-Nov-14 19:25:10 UTC from web
                                • Man, how the hell am I supposed to *not* consume the bottle of Zombie Virus that's specifically labeled "WARNING! DO NOT CONSUME!"? !minecraft

                                  Tuesday, 11-Nov-14 17:45:34 UTC from web
                                  • My sheeps are so durn colorful~ !minecraft

                                    Monday, 10-Nov-14 03:42:09 UTC from web
                                  • I want a world generation in !Minecraft where you can choose a "primary" biome like "Desert, Large" and tick off other available biomes to generate, so it's almost entirely one thing, but with little pockets of other potential things thrown in there.

                                    Tuesday, 04-Nov-14 18:49:19 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                  • Well, looks like a !Minecraft world of 100% desert is pretty nearly impossible to survive in the long term.

                                    Tuesday, 04-Nov-14 04:28:08 UTC from web
                                  • I JUST LIT A BABY RABBIT ON FIRE, !MINECRAFT IS THE BEST!

                                    Sunday, 26-Oct-14 23:51:17 UTC from web
                                  • I discovered flint & steel in !Minecraft and proceeded to burn an entire village to the ground. #

                                    Friday, 10-Oct-14 01:17:35 UTC from web


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