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A group for all the minecraft players on RADN

Minecraft Gaming Group (ponycraft) group


  1. I discovered flint & steel in !Minecraft and proceeded to burn an entire village to the ground. #

    about 15 days ago from web
  2. @vt3c Did I tell you I got into the !Minecraft server? Because I did.

    about 20 days ago from web
  3. Today was my last day working in the horrible block-programming language that is Scratch. On Tuesday I'll be starting in Java. !coderponies

    about a month ago from web
  4. HA! I just egged a zombie in !Minecraft! #

    about a month ago from web
    • I am a really bad !Minecraft shepherd.

      about a month ago from web
      • Gog, I really need to be able to find some sheep in !Minecraft so I can make a ruttin' bed!

        about a month ago from web
      • papayas. It's raining and I haven't found enough wood to build a roof on my house yet. :c !minecraft

        about a month ago from web
        • Contemplating starting a !minecraft server....

          about a month ago from web
          • a good texture pack that i use is the love and tolerance texture pack its a good one for minecraft. :D

            about 5 months ago from web
            • Gnah. !minecraft throws a 503 HTTP exception at me when I try connecting to a minecraft server.

              about a year ago from Choqok
              • Got some of my soundscapes and made myself some nicer rain sounds for !minecraft.

                Wednesday, 31-Oct-12 07:02:53 UTC from web
                • For users of !Minecraft mods, here's one you may want to add to your collection - Audiotori, allowing for loading soundmods that stack and take priority over others.

                  Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 05:19:39 UTC from web
                  • !minecraft vroom! If you have motion sickness, probably best to pass on this :(

                    Sunday, 14-Oct-12 22:39:50 UTC from Choqok
                  • Time lapse !minecraft video coming your way. I think I might have done a bad thing by putting frame blending on. :P

                    Sunday, 14-Oct-12 22:15:00 UTC from Choqok
                    • !ponycraft Try this seed: Hardcore48326n

                      Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 02:17:39 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      • !ponycraft Unoffical RDN server:

                        Friday, 24-Aug-12 19:29:08 UTC from web
                        • How come no one's on the new unofficial # server?

                          Friday, 24-Aug-12 19:14:31 UTC from web
                        • NOR gate is best gate. !Minecraft

                          Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 16:54:44 UTC from web
                          • 4-bit decoders are the best thing. !Minecraft

                            Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 16:51:09 UTC from web
                            • Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the !Minecraft server?

                              Saturday, 14-Jul-12 19:33:59 UTC from web
                            • !ponycraft anypny have minecraft on xbox or have the clone total miner forge on xbox?

                              Thursday, 31-May-12 03:38:49 UTC from web
                              • DEAR CELESTIA DO I EVER LOVE PONYCRAFT!! !ponycraft

                                Sunday, 04-Mar-12 08:34:03 UTC from web
                              • psst !ponycraft

                                Thursday, 09-Feb-12 09:49:58 UTC from web
                                • I just made the most special place for a chest JUST because it was going to have my IRON in it !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                                  Saturday, 10-Dec-11 21:34:01 UTC from web
                                • "I’d love to see achievers thrown a bone at some point, and for NPC villages to have some kind of interaction, and for more interesting monsters to appear, and for Mojang to give me a pony." - from the GameInformer review of Minecraft. !ponycraft !vgp

                                  Saturday, 10-Dec-11 00:44:53 UTC from web
                                • One of the most tedious tasks in Minecraft !minecraftponies !vgp

                                  Tuesday, 29-Nov-11 22:46:38 UTC from web
                                • Minecraft has a new perspective !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                                  Sunday, 27-Nov-11 03:38:46 UTC from web
                                  • Mine little pony was released for 1.0.0 for for minecraft, Have fun! !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                                    Saturday, 26-Nov-11 22:21:21 UTC from web
                                  • Work in progress !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                                    Friday, 25-Nov-11 20:22:17 UTC from web
                                    • It's hard keeping a town out of harms way. The citizens re terrified of the mobs and my Golems i built are always getting killed by god knows what. Minecraft hit's you hard... !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                                      Tuesday, 08-Nov-11 21:27:42 UTC from web


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