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  1. ice ice baby

    about a month ago from web
  2. Munches on dinner while scrolls through the chat 8-Q *3---

    about 9 months ago from web
  3. @mono They'll unionise, and then everybody wins.

    about 9 months ago from
  4. You guys MAY want to update your SSL cert.

    about a year ago from web
    • Hello all. Thoughts on FOSTA?

      Friday, 13-Apr-18 02:22:55 UTC from web
    • Smooth lions are eating me

      Sunday, 09-Jul-17 14:22:54 UTC from web
    • Alright Friday!

      Friday, 07-Jul-17 12:47:26 UTC from web
    • hello

      Thursday, 06-Jul-17 08:26:18 UTC from Mayonnaise
      • @awl hello there

        Wednesday, 05-Jul-17 06:21:35 UTC from Mayonnaise
        • So anyway things are exploding and it's the Fourth I guess so yay

          Wednesday, 05-Jul-17 04:47:40 UTC from web
        • Long time no talk peoples!

          Wednesday, 05-Jul-17 06:06:52 UTC from web
          • this place is still around, holy crap.

            Wednesday, 15-Mar-17 11:07:17 UTC from web
          • Look how mature this website has gotten! I love you all!

            Sunday, 05-Mar-17 16:31:03 UTC from web
          • @yodelerty Wakes you up :P

            Sunday, 07-Feb-16 02:48:19 UTC from web
          • Holiday Greetings!

            Tuesday, 22-Dec-15 13:45:42 UTC from web
          • hello all

            Sunday, 27-Sep-15 23:39:22 UTC from Mayonnaise
            • hello all

              Saturday, 26-Sep-15 02:36:22 UTC from web
            • ello m8

              Saturday, 26-Sep-15 19:13:25 UTC from web
              • M1A/M14, M1 Garand, Glock pistols, Sig Sauer P220, 1911, Tokarev TT-33/TTC variants, AR-15, AK's, SKS's, Mausers, Mosin-Nagants, FN FAL, Ruger Mk. III, Ruger 10/22, EAA Witness (CZ-75 "clone")...the list goes on. :P

                Saturday, 26-Sep-15 03:09:07 UTC from web
              • anyone here play on ps4?

                Tuesday, 22-Sep-15 01:42:12 UTC from Mayonnaise
              • @spots hello

                Monday, 21-Sep-15 23:26:52 UTC from web

                Monday, 21-Sep-15 23:08:51 UTC from web
              • Skype's back

                Monday, 21-Sep-15 16:59:24 UTC from web
              • is Skype down for anyone else or what

                Monday, 21-Sep-15 15:58:49 UTC from web
              • Today I learned that an exploit for Wii homebrewing was found by embedding a whole program in Twilight Princess where otherwise it would have your horse's inputted name.

                Monday, 21-Sep-15 12:50:59 UTC from web
              • Adulting is hard and I don't wanna do it!

                Monday, 21-Sep-15 14:08:10 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • @rarity hello

                Monday, 21-Sep-15 13:50:01 UTC from web
                • good morning

                  Monday, 21-Sep-15 13:46:30 UTC from web
                  • @tiffany hello

                    Sunday, 20-Sep-15 22:32:45 UTC from web
                  • @mushi long time no talk.

                    Sunday, 20-Sep-15 22:51:17 UTC from web