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  • The TF2 Modding Bronies tf2bronies The TF2 Modding Bronies

    We are the people who put our heads togeather to make a better (and much more Poni) experience for you Team Fortress 2.

  • Minecraft Gaming Group ponycraft Minecraft Gaming Group

    A group for all the minecraft players on RADN

  • Rarity Fan Club rarity Rarity Fan Club http://www.rainbowdash.net/group/rarity

    Join here darlings, for a fabulous time.

  • Video Game Ponies! videogameponies Video Game Ponies!

    A group for all the ponies who enjoy playing video games! From FPS to RPG to RTS!

  • Lapfox Trax fans! lapfox Lapfox Trax fans! http://www.lapfoxtrax.com/

    Fans of the music produced by Lapfox Trax, whether it be for Renart, The Queenstones, Figurehead, Mayhem, or any other artist there!

  • Equestria Daily eqdaily Equestria Daily AZ http://www.equestriadaily.com

    Pony news!

  • Convert or Consume Movement convertingponies Convert or Consume Movement

    For those ponies who always try to convert their friends to the herd. ONE OF US!

  • Portal and Portal 2 Ponyfans portalponi Portal and Portal 2 Ponyfans Aperture Laboratories

    For all of you Portal and Portal 2 fans out there, this is the group for you!

  • Eric B Club: We're in Space Edition. ericb Eric B Club: We're in Space Edition.

    Oh my.

  • Virginia Bronies virginia Virginia Bronies Virginia, USA

    For all of you bronies in Virginia!

  • Skype ponies skypers Skype ponies http://www.skype.com/

    Anypony who hangs out on Skype!

  • Bacon bacon Bacon Baconland

    A group for everypony who loves bacon! Anypony and everypony are welcome to join us in the praising of bacon!

  • Secret Butt Fun: A Plot and Pony Show secretbuttfun Secret Butt Fun: A Plot and Pony Show http://derpibooru.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&sbq=plot&commit=Go

    Watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the plot? Join us! Post pony plot for Secret Butt Funs. Alternatively, post Secret Butt Funs for [plot] points! Don't be picky, post the plot!

  • Adorable adorable Adorable

    Fans of the adorable one

  • TES Ponies tes TES Ponies Tamriel http://uesp.net/

    A group for everypony who loves The Elder Scrolls games! It doesn't matter if you're a veteran from the times of Arena and Daggerfall, one of the many who found themselves on Morrowind's mystical island of Vvardenfell, one of those who fell in love with the beautiful landscapes of Oblivion, or one of the few who have had the luck of trying one of the other games! Or perhaps you're just sweating in anticipation for Skyrim! In any case, this is your group!

  • Starlight Bolt drew my pony slbdrewmypony Starlight Bolt drew my pony

    Watch out RDN! I'm in your network drawing your ponies! This group is for everypony that I have drawn a pony for.

  • Bronies broniesforever Bronies Ponyville http://www.facebook.com/BroniesForever

    Fellow Bronies, followers of Princess Celestia and all ponys in Equestria. Social ideal to Forget and Forgive with Tolerance and Love for everyone, spreading Friendship everywhere.

  • What more do you need to know? saucy What more do you need to know?

    OOh la la.

  • Lapfox/VulpVibe/Psurge Fans Group lapfoxfans Lapfox/VulpVibe/Psurge Fans Group All over. (But mostly in Hamilton, Ontario)

    You like Renard Queenston and his affiliates right?

  • A Group about Gutters gutter A Group about Gutters Location: The Gutter (or wherever Carcino is) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gutter

    Let's make this nice and simple. Carcino.