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  1. Three weeks of work: !vgp !art #

    about 9 months ago from web
  2. "Adele Penguin" 2019 !art

    about 10 months ago from web
    • The text box is REALLY hard to type with

      about a year ago from web
    • yo

      about a year ago from web
      • You guys heard of horses

        Sunday, 03-Mar-19 18:59:34 UTC from web
      • !art

        Wednesday, 30-Jan-19 05:25:20 UTC from web
      • New on the Mattimation Store, get the first-ever shirt in the "Dion Quotes Collection": Fingers Are The Chopsticks of Man! !art

        Tuesday, 22-May-18 03:43:16 UTC from web
        • !art drawing a thingy i thought would be cute

          Saturday, 19-May-18 01:04:14 UTC from web
        • Why you little... !art

          Thursday, 17-May-18 06:04:23 UTC from web
        • I'm drawing a cute spider thingy !art

          Thursday, 08-Feb-18 04:47:43 UTC from web
        • this is literally the first time i've ever drawn any attack on titan character, and in fact i don't even know who this character is or what their tragic backstory is that makes them emo !art

          Sunday, 24-Dec-17 22:31:26 UTC from web
          • !art thumbnail for the thicc gaming video going up today

            Tuesday, 19-Dec-17 20:53:24 UTC from web
            • Patreon request for @scribus - sorry it's so late !art

              Thursday, 30-Nov-17 05:34:39 UTC from web
            • (to straight couple) Which of you is the Baman and which is the Piderman

              Friday, 10-Nov-17 21:53:57 UTC from web
            • !art thumbnail for the first set of videos on the new channel i'm starting with chris

              Friday, 27-Oct-17 05:00:50 UTC from web
              • !art i drew a Sucy :3

                Friday, 13-Oct-17 15:01:15 UTC from web
                • !art

                  Sunday, 30-Jul-17 20:20:11 UTC from web
                  • who is this strange creature !art

                    Saturday, 22-Jul-17 06:13:12 UTC from web
                  • !art decided to try something different during this stream. it didn't turn out too good but eh

                    Friday, 14-Jul-17 07:20:06 UTC from web
                    • !art I tried drawing on 3DS colors. the left mountain looks good, but i cant seem to make the right one

                      Tuesday, 11-Jul-17 01:50:06 UTC from web
                    • finished !art

                      Tuesday, 04-Jul-17 07:46:51 UTC from web
                      • !art my fave L.A. Noire character

                        Sunday, 02-Jul-17 03:08:20 UTC from web
                        • Hello, is there anyone left in this group?

                          Tuesday, 14-Mar-17 05:16:39 UTC from web
                          • Gettin' my hands nerdy !nolife

                            Wednesday, 08-Mar-17 04:22:38 UTC from web
                          • Gonna re-write my QBASIC mouse breeding program from my last college English class as my first official C project. !coderponies

                            Wednesday, 01-Mar-17 04:42:50 UTC from web
                            • #

                              Saturday, 18-Feb-17 17:38:39 UTC from web
                              • Takyon but instead it's Pac Man

                                Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:48:46 UTC from web
                              • DOS DOS DOS DOS DOS

                                Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:37:53 UTC from web
                              • MaYBe I T' s LuPUS

                                Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:16:14 UTC from web
                                • Also my reaction over the endangered species act repeal

                                  Saturday, 18-Feb-17 15:59:25 UTC from web