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  1. This sound I've created, started life as a recording of me playing "We Are One" from the Lion King 2 on an Ocarina

    Saturday, 04-Jun-16 23:43:00 UTC from web
  2. @thelastgherkin Hey, uh, I just found out about the "Vervoids" from the Sixth Doctor serial "Trial of a Time Lord" and I am very, very confused. I just thought you should know that I did not, at any point, think I would see giant kiwi aliens in a Doctor Who anything and I will likely contemplate life after this experience.

    Sunday, 05-Jun-16 02:26:12 UTC from web
  3. I'm tired of this "frozne hot chocolate" BS, it's papayaing FROZEN how is it HOT it's just FROZEN CHOCOLATE

    Sunday, 05-Jun-16 01:27:51 UTC from web
  4. "In a sense, he was literally Hitler"

    Sunday, 05-Jun-16 00:02:33 UTC from web
    • PLAY OF THE GAME: Getting out of the robot.

      Saturday, 04-Jun-16 23:45:23 UTC from web
      • Like my Undertale cartoon is darker than other ones I've put out and luckily the offending content is general enough that I can put that in the description without spoiling anything, no problem, but then I've also got videos like "Trust Fall" which are less than a minute long and basically the whole joke is that the girl threw herself off a building so putting a "suicide(?)" warning in there would ruin the joke. I wanna make my channel more accessible to everybodddyyy and I don't want people to be caught off-guard by things they don't wanna seeeee but I don't wanna spoil jooooookes and I don't know what to dooooooooooooo help

        Saturday, 04-Jun-16 23:12:23 UTC from web
      • so it turns out Garageband on iOS is great for making glitch music. bear with me while I try to find a bananaing way to share it on here

        Saturday, 04-Jun-16 23:06:56 UTC from web
      • Might start including trigger warnings in my videos, but also I'm trying to figure out how to do it without basically spoiling the videos, because if you've seen my work you'll know that sometimes the potentially triggering material is, like, the punchline.

        Saturday, 04-Jun-16 23:05:24 UTC from web
        • My Little Brony except Matt is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

          Saturday, 04-Jun-16 21:50:36 UTC from web
        • !art My word I worked so hard on these. New Four Swords stuff! It's dangerous to go alone. Take these:

          Saturday, 04-Jun-16 21:44:57 UTC from web
        • My Fallout 4 character is in permanent blackface thanks to a lighting bug.

          Saturday, 04-Jun-16 21:41:46 UTC from web
          • Man, Cracked sure does hate video games nowadays

            Saturday, 04-Jun-16 21:19:57 UTC from web
            • Summarised

              Saturday, 04-Jun-16 21:16:23 UTC from web
              • You know you're living the life when you wake up in the back seat of your car to someone rapping onto your window to see if you're alive.

                Saturday, 04-Jun-16 21:08:11 UTC from web
                • So I had my art class final today
                  This was the first presenter   

                  Saturday, 04-Jun-16 03:48:33 UTC from

                  Saturday, 04-Jun-16 20:35:18 UTC from
                • I also dreamt of secret basements and room sized ice makers, tsunamis, a surprise horror flick killer chasing (whoever the hell "us" was) through the secret tunnels of our own house, or maybe we were squatting there. There was a moment of riding a flood through the tunnels. Lots of disjointed Scooby Doo knockoff stuff. And of course, casual nudity.

                  Saturday, 04-Jun-16 20:12:23 UTC from web
                  • I had a dream that I needed to tie my hair back really quickly and it wasn't working but I ended up with one of those top ponytails and could actually helicopter myself along with it.

                    Saturday, 04-Jun-16 20:07:32 UTC from web
                    • Jesus lord. NCIS just took to the lab with a pencil-drawn caricature and used photoshop to "de-caricature" it into a photorealistic image of their suspect.

                      Saturday, 04-Jun-16 19:35:44 UTC from web
                    • Also condolences for those who died at the river Siene.

                      Saturday, 04-Jun-16 18:57:21 UTC from web
                      • Were it I to have thrown glasses on the floor and called it art I'd have named the piece "Jinkies".

                        Saturday, 04-Jun-16 18:52:54 UTC from web
                      • Also indie developers have a tendency to be incompetent assholes who don't know what they're doing and expect everybody to love their game in spite of that.

                        Saturday, 04-Jun-16 18:37:14 UTC from web
                        • I've made the realization that I kind of just don't like most indie games.

                          Saturday, 04-Jun-16 18:14:36 UTC from web
                          • @mrmattimation I bet you don't like most major release games in the same way. "Indie" isn't a quality qualifier, nor "triple A".

                            Saturday, 04-Jun-16 18:20:38 UTC in context
                          • @adiwan Nope, my shelf is full of AAA games that I adore. Grand Theft Auto, Elder Scrolls, Fallout... My issue is when an indie game is released, it's SHOWERED with praise if it's slightly above average and I think that's bullFluffle Puff. They should be held to the same standards, an average or crappy game is still an average or crappy game regardless of the size of the team.

                            Saturday, 04-Jun-16 18:35:06 UTC in context
                          • @mrmattimation I get your reaction. I often have the same problem praising an indie game and wondering about another's praise. The better indie games have an underdog bonus that magnify the perception of the game's quality. I agree that games should be judged more objectively but they are pieces of entertainment and thus cannot fully judged this way. There is always a perceived bias one way or the other. For example I don't like the Japanese chibi anime aesthetics, thus I automatically dislike the other parts, even if they are good. Indie games have the big advantage that they are not strictly bound to a predefined success formula, that is also their biggest flaw. They are more experimentally and have twists in the gameplay most major companies don't want to put in (except the millions of lazy indie platformers and survival FPS games). Some stick, some don't. I also played major release games that SUUUCKED ASS.

                            Saturday, 04-Jun-16 18:54:58 UTC in context
                        • Who'd win in a fight between Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Sora from Digimon

                          Saturday, 04-Jun-16 09:17:50 UTC from web
                        • !Rainbow_Dash :v

                          Saturday, 04-Jun-16 17:31:47 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                        • Tim Schafer has almost $4,000,000 in his bank account for a game that he probably won't even talk about for the next six years.

                          Saturday, 04-Jun-16 17:26:55 UTC from web
                          • I think it's DISGUSTING that streamers still get sizable audiences for playing Goat Simulator.

                            Saturday, 04-Jun-16 17:24:56 UTC from web
                            • I forgot what I was doing last night so when I turned on my PC I was greeted to this

                              Saturday, 04-Jun-16 17:15:08 UTC from web
                              • 7.8/10 too much edge

                                Saturday, 04-Jun-16 15:59:18 UTC from web
                              • You know you're British when you use the price of a Freddo as an analogy for the economy

                                Saturday, 04-Jun-16 09:35:58 UTC from web