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Enthusiasts of visual art. Post and/or talk about your/others work.

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  1. !art My word I worked so hard on these. New Four Swords stuff! It's dangerous to go alone. Take these:

    Saturday, 04-Jun-16 21:44:57 UTC from web
  2. *What do I think of the monsters getting out?
    *Eh, weirder things have happened to me.

    Monday, 30-May-16 03:01:55 UTC from web
  3. What if I died in my sleep tonight and this was the last thing I ever drew !art

    Tuesday, 10-May-16 00:42:28 UTC from web
    • Buncha doodles !art

      Monday, 09-May-16 23:07:48 UTC from web
      • Let me introduce you Ni no JoJo Bizarre Kuni

        Wednesday, 13-Apr-16 02:10:09 UTC from web
      • I drew a thingy !art

        Sunday, 03-Apr-16 20:20:20 UTC from web
      • I've been watching a lot of anime recently, so here's some !art

        Sunday, 27-Mar-16 23:24:47 UTC from web
      • !art i drew a mantis

        Friday, 25-Mar-16 02:52:55 UTC from web

        Friday, 04-Mar-16 23:53:42 UTC from web
      • the shyna drawing is getting better. I dont thing the crystal dorsal fins on the guardian angel's back look good though

        Thursday, 25-Feb-16 22:45:59 UTC from web
      • !art Nice to see how much difference a 5 minutes shading can make

        Friday, 12-Feb-16 16:04:27 UTC from web
        • So since my waifu loves frogs and I love cats, we drew eachother as such !art

          Sunday, 07-Feb-16 10:51:07 UTC from web
          • !art since i've been on a silhouette mirage hype i'm trying to draw Shyna. I tried drawing her from behind to see if i could draw the arm righ

            Saturday, 06-Feb-16 23:32:35 UTC from web
            • ...since when were you the one in control? !art

              Thursday, 04-Feb-16 02:33:26 UTC from web
            • !art guys, i drew a lillymon

              Wednesday, 27-Jan-16 23:37:51 UTC from web
            • This is literally the first time I've ever drawn a character kneeling. !art

              Monday, 25-Jan-16 04:59:52 UTC from web
              • @mrmattimation It's not bad, but there a few things I noticed. First is that the legs should be a bit longer, when you're kneeling your feet tend to be roughly perpendicular to your tailbone. Also, it looks like the right arm is connecting to the body a bit too low, given the perspective it looks like it's connecting to the ribcage and not the shoulder, where it should be. With that being said, your face art has improved a lot. The placement of the eyes, ears, and mouth relative to each other are all much more dynamic and believable than your past art (I'd personally make the eyes a little bigger, but that's just me being nitpicky). The hair wasn't too overstated either, which worked given the quaintness of Isabelle's design. For your first time doing a challenging pose like this it wasn't too bad. Keep it up Matt, I always like seeing you post drawings like this.

                Monday, 25-Jan-16 05:17:09 UTC in context
              • @northernnarwhal Thanks. I had a huuuuuuuuge problem with the legs and I couldn't figure out why i didn't look the like of them, so thanks for that.

                Monday, 25-Jan-16 05:24:40 UTC in context
              • @mrmattimation No prob! Glad I could help.

                Monday, 25-Jan-16 05:27:04 UTC in context
            • !art deer drawing finished

              Friday, 22-Jan-16 21:30:36 UTC from web
            • So, i'm drawing a random thingy

              Tuesday, 19-Jan-16 00:34:51 UTC from web
            • !art i drew a fairy with a dumb face

              Sunday, 17-Jan-16 20:29:24 UTC from web

              Saturday, 09-Jan-16 02:31:16 UTC from web
              • Hmmmmm... That gives me an idea! !art

                Sunday, 03-Jan-16 19:48:58 UTC from web
                • !art finished my drawing

                  Sunday, 03-Jan-16 00:47:59 UTC from web
                  • !art test

                    Sunday, 03-Jan-16 00:46:45 UTC from web
                    • Once again but with an !art tag.

                      Thursday, 31-Dec-15 22:55:11 UTC from web
                      • !art I drew this in MSPaint with my laptop's touchpad because why not

                        Sunday, 27-Dec-15 06:24:33 UTC from web
                      • !art

                        Thursday, 24-Dec-15 18:56:22 UTC from web
                      • Welp. I tried twice, just the link then



                        Wednesday, 23-Dec-15 16:22:00 UTC from web
                      • !artists I can't even do the style as well as I used to.

                        Sunday, 20-Dec-15 05:49:40 UTC from web
                      • Do you ever wonder why we're here? What's it all about? You've no idea. !art

                        Saturday, 12-Dec-15 22:30:52 UTC from web
                        • merr chismas

                          Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 22:18:42 UTC from web