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No Furries Allowed

No Furries Allowed

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A group for people who are not furries and are tired of being oppressed by the furry masses.

No Furries Allowed (notfurry) group


  1. !nofurries

    Monday, 06-Jul-15 16:58:19 UTC from web
    • !nofurries

      Friday, 12-Jun-15 21:25:00 UTC from web
      • That genuinely made me make a hurt :0 face

        Saturday, 28-Feb-15 00:47:58 UTC from web
      • @darkw00d !nofurries

        Wednesday, 18-Feb-15 13:18:18 UTC from web
        • @darkw00d well, everyone in her game is

          Tuesday, 10-Feb-15 03:34:48 UTC from web
        • @darkw00d !nofurries

          Tuesday, 10-Feb-15 03:15:22 UTC from web
        • Let's sleep

          Thursday, 22-Jan-15 02:23:28 UTC from web
        • Fur Forever!

          Monday, 12-Jan-15 02:35:02 UTC from web
        • please love me

          Friday, 02-Jan-15 06:12:21 UTC from web
        • !nofurries

          Monday, 22-Dec-14 02:25:54 UTC from web

          Friday, 14-Nov-14 14:43:53 UTC from web
        • ... Is that for realzies ?

          Monday, 27-Oct-14 18:38:14 UTC from web
        • !nofurries

          Sunday, 26-Oct-14 01:20:33 UTC from web
        • Let's go all the way tonight. No regrets, just yiff. #

          Tuesday, 14-Oct-14 15:00:05 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • Your RDN fave is problematic: Tiffany
          literal trash

          Sunday, 12-Oct-14 18:35:45 UTC from web
        • .

          Thursday, 09-Oct-14 01:49:02 UTC from web
        • Pokémon is a one big animal orgy.

          Monday, 01-Sep-14 04:45:02 UTC from web
        • @ellie That works too. Where's Tiff?

          Monday, 11-Aug-14 03:36:48 UTC from web
        • Thank god for !notfurry

          Saturday, 26-Jul-14 05:23:55 UTC from web
        • !NOFURRIES

          Saturday, 26-Jul-14 03:47:05 UTC from web
        • !nofurries

          Wednesday, 23-Jul-14 04:52:50 UTC from web
          • !notfurry

            Saturday, 05-Jul-14 01:48:12 UTC from web
            • Where's my flamethrower

              Friday, 04-Jul-14 15:58:20 UTC from web