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  • Brony Ghost ghostpolitics Brony Ghost Waco http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ghost

    Brony headquarters of the Rebel Capitalist Movement, stationed in beautiful Waco, Texas.

  • Weenie Wanga Langa Genghis Khan flaxx Weenie Wanga Langa Genghis Khan Sweden http://kalleflaxx.deviantart.com/


  • Kathryn Duffield ambrosiasage Kathryn Duffield Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I am an 18 year old female pony fan and brony.

  • Алексей groury Алексей Russia, Saints-Petersburg http://vkontakte.ru/groury

    Штоа я должно говорить? Пони, Фурри, Игры(угу и стим тоже есть =3) , Ваха, комиксы и вселенная Сталкера вот мои увлечения... Ну ещё немного рисование и писанина но на нубском уровне, ога. Школота, о да я все же ещ Школота, поскорейбы в студентоту спереть. Капаю всем на мозг и терпеть это могут лишь близкие друзья, угу, ну или девушка моя.Интернет вот моя стихия, сижу в основном в ВК Скайпе Квипе Девиантарте в Стиме ну или Фурнейшн, все стандартное для меня. Любитель Ролок.

  • zstargazer zstargazer St. Louis http://www.zengeon.com

    Just A Space nerd of 17 years of age.

  • Sir E. Hooves III eaglehooves Sir E. Hooves III Cleveland, Ohio http://eaglehooves.deviantart.com/

    Just as a clarification, the name (if I'm not using a gag one) is a reference to my time with the BSA. Three big interests (excluding ponies) are cars, computers, and scouting, and the last one means the most to me (There's a very long, personal, story there) (plus the fleur-de-leis looks nice). For the people linked here, the '/signature' is pretty much my universal signature for texts and emails, and the one thing that my pony and non-pony accounts have in common across the web. Other than that, I'm your average pegasus from the suburbs. Also, I finally got a dedicated e-mail: eaglehooves (at) gmail, a dedicated pony Skype: eagle.hooves, and am on Steam as "Lord Elusive"

  • Purple Tinker purpletinker Purple Tinker New York, NY http://www.purpletinker.com/

    A tinker, who is purple.

  • Andrew John Benage djshamrock Andrew John Benage Fort Scott, Kansas, USA

    A happenin' pony with a RL broadcast job in Kansas, and working for her majesty's best, Celestia Radio.

  • Erik Banner communistprime Erik Banner Kenosha, WI http://www.furaffinity.net/user/communistprime/

    I do quite enjoy this 'pony craze' the young kids are talking about these days. Otherwise I'm a big gamer and currently in the military. I love me some tabletop action as well as computer and console stuff. Wanna contact me online? Ask for my info! I've got an MSN, AIM, Xfire, Steam, FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Flankbook, facebook and EVE account. 'Do good, for good is good to do.' I like that old Roman quote.

  • A.D. firemuse A.D. Cincinnati, Ohio http://ohiomeet.myfreeforum.org

    Hiya! ^_^ I am a MLP collector, and fan of all the generations of pony, including the new FIM series! Several other collectors and I host a yearly meetup, our message board is linked as my homepage. I have been collecting since I was 5, and am really excited to see the MLP line come into it's own with the FIM series. Other interests: Star Trek, Anime, Magic:TheGathering, sewing, art, and dogs.

  • Eddie O'Rourke floofyhoof Eddie O'Rourke Norcross, Ga http://soundcloud.com/FloofyHoof

    Just another Brony addicted to the rainbow crack cocaine that is FiM. Lover of pony literature, admirer of pony art, and viewer of pony videos.

  • Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) neuroaster Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada http://gplus.to/neuroaster

    Have you told a normal person how boring they are today? :)

  • Chris Bell mrdragon Chris Bell

    What are you doing here?

  • kirurakiru kirurakiru n/a

    yeah. i'm that one dude that you see on rdn. enough said.

  • Jonathan Burgess ral Jonathan Burgess Infamy

    N'er-do-well of the highest order.

  • Fluttertree fluttertree Fluttertree Ponyville, Equestria

    Haayyy everypony! I'm Fluttershy - as a tree! I'm LEAF-ING the dream, as one might say ;). I'm great with animals and fillies and if you need me to pet-sit or filly-sit I'm always happy to help!!

  • Jonathan Conrad fnordly Jonathan Conrad Knoxville, Tennessee, USA http://facebook.com/FNORDLY

    Born on the 16th of October, 1975. Energetic and outdoorsy. Programming at 7 years of age. RPGing on-line in 1993. IRCing in the final hours of 1999 and first few of the new millennium. Roofing. Electrical work. Shovels, tractors, concrete, recreational surfaces. Etc. Puppetry. Tae-Kwon-Do. Little school. Blah, blah, blah... Watched "My Little Pony" for the first time a few hours ago. Friendship *is* magic! I will probably not sleep until my free, open-source Brony Tripcode Generator for Windows is complete. (See http://4chan.org/b/ where "b" is for pony!)

  • Meredith Miles autumn Meredith Miles New York, NY (Upper West Side) http://autumnalone.deviantart.com

    I'm a female who loves ponies! I spend pretty much all of my time customizing brushable ponies and dreaming of BroNYCon. Next year I will be beginning my freshman year at Bates College with an intended double major in geology and biology. If I ever manage to grow up, I want to be a paleobiologist. I have no idea what my Cutie Mark would be, and Apple Bloom is the best pony! I used to post from @applebloom.

  • Johanu Boulton artrageous Johanu Boulton Oakville, Ontario, Canada http://www.sasta.info

    I'm interested in MLP, obviously, as well as travel, martial arts, arts, science fiction and fantasy, mystery and police procedurals, Doctor Who, RPGs, anthropomorphics and writing.

  • aodhidbrbeididbe aodhidbrbeididbe
  • Yuuki Aosora scootysparkles Yuuki Aosora Van Nuys, CA

    Just a fellow Bronie trying to make his life in the world :3 Bronie FL!!! :D

  • Celestia Radio celestiaradio Celestia Radio http://www.ponify.me

    Celestia Radio - the prime place for pony music - tune in now on www.ponify.me

  • Eurobeat Brony eurobeatbrony Eurobeat Brony California http://odysseymusic.bandcamp.com


  • delete_ remove delete_ http://example.com

    I'm the guy who draws ponies bouncing on balloons. Staff, please delete this account.

  • Applejack app1ejack Applejack Sweet Apple Acres, Ponyville, Equestria

    WELL HOWDY DO! A pleasure makin' yer acquaintance! I'm Applejack! We here at Sweet Apple Acres sure do makin' new friends! So, what can I do ya for?

  • Caim car Caim

    I have finally accomplished my mission.

  • I don't know extremedash I don't know Florida

    Don't take anything I say seriously.

  • Grae Ashura Katzinalenbogen loafofbread Grae Ashura Katzinalenbogen New Paltz, NY, USA http://boxrext.com


  • Trixie thegreatandpowerfultrixie Trixie Equestria

    I am the GREAT AND POWERFUL Trixie. I am the most magical pony in all of Equestria and have vaniquished an Ursa Major with my very hooves. Don't dare try to challenge me, you will only be humilated. All you neigh-sayers, I'll banish quickly and with haste

  • Eric loak Eric Virginia Tech http://pomf-loak.tumblr.com/

    Hey, my name is Eric. I'm a college student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I love to play DDR/ITG, I watch a lot of anime, and I am proud to be a brony!