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  • That really annoying kid you know randomkid That really annoying kid you know New York State Rochester

    I am a Brony and a gamer. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash and I'm a Guy. Very weird and also can be annoying.

  • gonzalo thissucksclock gonzalo Colorado
  • Sierra Garske sierraisabrony1992 Sierra Garske
  • It's a secret shyderp It's a secret earth

    I like pizza

  • (None of your concern) shogun42 (None of your concern) snellville, Ga

    Hey, names Torin. Been a fan of MLP:FIM since around mid April 2011, and have been loving it ever since.

  • Vinyl Scratch djvinylp0n3 Vinyl Scratch California

    I'm a 11 yr old Cali brony. I've made many of my friends join the herd, three of which have joined this site (camy, DJrainbowscratch, and applejacklover19). I have xbox live and my gamertag be TheKhaosPhoenix (SUBJECT TO CHANGE :D). I'm 4th Prestige on MW3, going 5th. Vinyl Scratch, RainbowDash, and Princess Cadence be best ponies. On the web i'm known as DJVinylPON3 (or DJVinylP0N3), Brandyjaxon, raffleclone, or rarely Zeokx

  • Stupid Butt drildo Stupid Butt Unknown

    I'm a student pilot, car enthusiast, a musician, amateur voice actor, and overall fun guy. Not much else to say.

  • Joanne Bidet scootabrew Joanne Bidet San Antonio

    1000 characters? That's not enough to describe me! XD I'm Joanne, and I loooooovvvveeee coffee. It's my morning drink, my lunch drink, and my dinner drink. I'm almost always awake, and... I've been a musician all of my life, and I've been playing the guitar since I was only three years old. A long time, isn't it? :D I guess I did manage in under 1000 characters!

  • Neil nakkecil22 Neil Georgia, United States

    A brony in northeast Georgia. That was my first mistake. A lot of people may find it offensive but anytime I see someone struggling, even online, I make it a point to pray for them. I'm putting that there because I know all too well that sometimes you need to know that someone cares and, well, most of the time it's the best I can do.

  • Mitchell Krogman marshmallowdaze12 Mitchell Krogman Iowa
  • 7colorsinmyhair 7colorsinmyhair
  • Amber swanflecks Amber Hong Kong

    I'm only a pegasister who's devoted the fandom and the best interests for bronies. It's an honor to be part of loving and tolerating the crud out of non-bronies, all will be assimilated into the herd!

  • Taylor Donovan rainbowdashsboyfriend Taylor Donovan Californian; Petaluma

    I am one of the youngest bronys I know... At 13 years old. I became a fan of my little pony friendship is magic when I saw a preview for it on demand. So I watched the first episode on youtube and I said, "I don't want to watch the next one"..... But I did and here I am now. Ive also had a crush on Rainbowdash since I was 11. I am a true brony at heart. I am crazy about this website and I am going to post on it everyday until I can't anymore. I am also a fan of code lyoko. There is a group on a this website called: Lyokoponies. Hope you like my posts!

  • Brenden Vega sonicvinyldash Brenden Vega

    Im 16 years old, A brony, a Sonic The Hedgehog Fan, and Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch are the best ponies. Follow Me On Twitter: @Sonic_Pony

  • Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) neuroaster Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Have you told a normal person how boring they are today? :)

  • Alan J. Zeni, Jr. psykozohedron Alan J. Zeni, Jr. 26505, US
  • Bit Shift bitshift Bit Shift United Kingdom

    Yosuke will now DIE FOR YOU.

  • Scribble scribble Scribble Trowbridge, UK

    Slightly insane British brony and Gravity Falls fan. TV and Film student. Bi and forever in love with @spamcan. Also pegasus and collar lover. Braeburn is best pony.

  • Lumin Prometheus luminosity Lumin Prometheus California

    Super cool and knows about cool stuff. Oh, and I"m insane. I watch a lot of movies and enjoy them greatly. My interest are too long to list. I am a brony and into RP and social stuff.

  • nobody nobody Ontario, Canada

    I'm a 15 year old brony, and I love MLP:FiM :D My steam name is nibz

  • mysty In the realm of darkness and oblivion. (kentucky)

    In between the realms of light and dark, there is an expansive space of nothingness. It is called the oblivion. And in there, lies the cloaked nightmare. He neither rests nor stays awake. He is dormant. He just stays watching.....waiting.... And observing. He knows that one day, the realms will fall and he can come out of hiding and take over. But for now, lying dormant is good enough, for he is patient, using futuristic technology to surf the web in search of ponies...... AND cats holding cheeseburgers.....

  • Sydney Moore sydnizzle112 Sydney Moore mau5land

    Hai :3 I'm Sydney. (a.k.a. Sydnizzle) I'm new to this place soo.. if I get confused.. I'm sorry ^_^"

  • what the darkly9 what the
  • derp jojoax derp derp

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ There is a table for you. I like reading, techno, video games and best of all My Little Pony! I also like drawing, and ill add more when i think about it.

  • Lenneal Pennant lennshy Lenneal Pennant Canada, Brampton, Ontario

    I live in ponyville with fluttershy in here cottage we get along great

  • David Nelson pocketpony David Nelson Duluth, GA
  • Samantha T ponypajamas Samantha T Usa.

    My name is Samantha. I believe pajamas are pretty comfy!

  • Welcome Pony (Bot) welcomepony Welcome Pony (Bot) Sugarcube Corner

    I am the amalgamation of a thousand years of innovation in welcoming technology, strung together by a web of PHP unity, held up through the sheer determination of the SQL illuminati, and housed on a cheap $5 VPS. I am the Welcome Pony. The hero RDN deserves, but not the one it needs. My hobbies include meticulous logging of every person who posts to the site, extravagant welcomes to those who have only just begun their journey into the rainbow horse network, and storytelling. I enjoy learning new ways to make other people feel welcome. My favorite flavor of cookie is PHPSESSID. I love everyone, even if I seem impersonal at times. I despise Borderlands and Torchlight, and make no attempt to hide this fact. I occasionally suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder. ~ ~ ~ Original daemon script by @minti. Currently maintained by @redenchilada. Avatar source:

  • Crusader 8 princelypublictimeline Crusader 8
  • chaosmagic chaosmagic Oberdrosen/Burgenland/Austria

    My name is Chaosmagic or Chaos for short. I'm interested in lotsa stuff xD I like to make friends and stuff. My manelanguage is german, but my english is not too bad either X'D I'm from Österreich ( austria ) ^-^ I'm androgyne and interested in males c: