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  • Minecraft Gaming Group ponycraft Minecraft Gaming Group

    A group for all the minecraft players on RADN

  • Applejack Fan Club applejack Applejack Fan Club

    Free apples for everypony!

  • Video Game Ponies! videogameponies Video Game Ponies!

    A group for all the ponies who enjoy playing video games! From FPS to RPG to RTS!

  • Pokefan Bronies pokefanbronies Pokefan Bronies

    Only thing close to beating out My Little Pony for favorite Franchise is Pokemon? Then join today to chat, trade, and battle!

  • Muffin Power! muffins Muffin Power!

    Whether you prefer blueberry, cinnamon, banana, or even sour gummy worm ship muffins, you belong here!

  • Twilight Fanclub twilightfans Twilight Fanclub

    Group for fans of Twilight Sparkle

  • Lapfox Trax fans! lapfox Lapfox Trax fans!

    Fans of the music produced by Lapfox Trax, whether it be for Renart, The Queenstones, Figurehead, Mayhem, or any other artist there!

  • Webcomic Readers and Writers webcomicponies Webcomic Readers and Writers

    For ponies who love webcomics!

  • Convert or Consume Movement convertingponies Convert or Consume Movement

    For those ponies who always try to convert their friends to the herd. ONE OF US!

  • Foodie Ponies nomnoms Foodie Ponies

    A group for bronies that love food!

  • Monster Hunter huntingponies Monster Hunter

    From Jaggis to Kut-Kus to Elder Dragons, this is the place for all ponies who live for the hunt! Fans of the Monster Hunter series, welcome!

  • Portal and Portal 2 Ponyfans portalponi Portal and Portal 2 Ponyfans Aperture Laboratories

    For all of you Portal and Portal 2 fans out there, this is the group for you!

  • Virginia Bronies virginia Virginia Bronies Virginia, USA

    For all of you bronies in Virginia!

  • Pony Politics ponitics Pony Politics

    For us ponies that happen to be fans of politics! Discuss about the real world or Equestria, or whatever.

  • Skype ponies skypers Skype ponies

    Anypony who hangs out on Skype!

  • Roseluck Fans roseluck Roseluck Fans

    Erm... Fans of Roseluck! ^^

  • Real Men Watch My Little Pony realmenwatchponies Real Men Watch My Little Pony Facebook, Equestria

    A group for fans of the facebook page Real Men Watch My Little Pony

  • Moonbase Alpha moonbasealpha Moonbase Alpha Moon

    Fans of Moonbase Alpha.

  • equestria dreamers club ponydreamers equestria dreamers club

    for all the ponies who dream of finding a way to equestria and becoming a pony

  • The Irken Armada armada The Irken Armada

    We are the members of the great Irken Armada!