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  • Tyler Tyler & Tyler sancho Tyler Tyler & Tyler
  • monsutaa kaado! mushi monsutaa kaado! Brazil

    " I'm a Mushi's Witness we don't celebrate birthdays or Christmas or fun " -Tiff " Don't you know mushi is offended by friendship" -Darkw00d

  • Thomas K zarkanorf Thomas K Southern California

    "I did in fact have you mentally categorised as 'Semi-famous-hat-guy-that-all-the-older-users-like'." ~ ceruleanspark

  • animagic4u animagic4u animagic4u AZ

    Otaku girl who likes im@s and ponies Rarity's my favsies followed by Twilight

  • Macpony55 macpony55 Macpony55 United States

    I dunno, I suppose I do stuff, there's pretty much no limit to the stuff I do. Enjoy new things, enjoy old things, talk to me about something, maybe I'll know what you're sayin', or maybe I won't and I'll be learning something new. Win-Win, for me at least :p macpony55 is my name for DA, skype, msn, steam, and pretty much everything else.

  • plushie plushie

    I love ponies, Pokemon, Portal, penguins, plushies and Pinkie Pie.

  • Astra astra Astra Probably Stuck Between Dimensions

    (Yes, I know this place is back. No, I don't plan on returning; I just don't fit in with the whole "4chan vibe", as I heard it described recently. Anyway, if anyone wants to keep in touch, catch TryshaGray on Twitter. Otherwise, have fun, and keep it pony.) Not all ponies miss out on all that Princess Luna has put together for her show after she brings out the moon! Me? I do some of my best work and spell-weaving when the stars come out. Besides, I tend to be the sort to keep to myself, a lot of the time. Lately, I've found I'm a lot more of a "Twilight Sparkle" person, though some still say I have a very "Fluttershy" personality, right down to being more likely to talk to your critter companions than you, at first. It takes me a little while, but if I don't get too badly spooked, I'll open up. And if you see me suddenly pop out of a moon portal, or catch my eye hovering in the sky as I try to find someone or something I've lost again . . . sorry about that. I really try not to startle people too much with this stuff. It's just so cool, though!

  • Ryan Vi blueblaze Ryan Vi Trottingham

    I'm just a Canadian brony that is a total geek. I like to RP and I have my own OC called BlueBlaze. I'm on (Username: DJ-PON-3) and Equestria Forums (Username: BlueBlaze)

  • Max Veers maxveers Max Veers Los Angeles, CA

    Born, schooled, ponies.

  • Victoria Keirn dathipster Victoria Keirn Mesa, Arizona, USA

    Well, I'm Torree.Kind of awesome,and that is all to say on the matter.

  • RDN's Lucifer nerthos RDN's Lucifer Sea Hitler's water apocalypse

    For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten. Federation is getting worse by the minute so contact info Steam: sirnerthos Skype: nerthos.osea.yo

  • derps derps
  • Moongaze moongaze Moongaze Virginia Beach, VA

    Shrugponies, Vectors, Dash's been an interesting ride

  • Cody W. Spencer crackerjackpony Cody W. Spencer Ocala, Florida, USA

    I love MLP:FiM and like talking about and don't care WHO knows that I watch and enjoy the show.

  • James Quinton (?) expanddong James Quinton (?)

    Back in... No effect

  • Rob Connor metal Rob Connor NYC


  • Joseph N. jinny Joseph N. Pittsburgh Area, Pennsylvania

    RDN's Head Maid and Cheer Captain.

  • Kipsy Doo 1mudkip88 Kipsy Doo Gallopbury, Cantericut, USA

    I have a YouTube and a blog where I share my video game experiences. I do videos every Saturday and Friday and occasional uploads throughout the week. Go check out my channel. I know you'll all like it. Brony and proud since 07/25/2011

  • emma ellyst0rm emma England

    Hello ;] I am ellyst0rm-or St0rm or elly which ever you like.. personally i prefer TGAP st0rm ;P I'm a pale blue pagasus with a flowing white mane but in real life My name is emma who is an employed 24 yr old goth gurl from the UK- After getting into the season one early this year I have been spending A lot of my time reading fics, comics and drawing my own fim artwork, including my OC Ellyst0rm who I love. so much pony, too much isnt enough time in day!!! agggh! I would like to meet more bronies and people who like the show. Maybe one day il go to one of those meet up things but i guess im pretty shy most of the time around strangers. Best pony is Trixie pony <3

  • Eli Hekel modulusshift Eli Hekel Arkansas

    I'm musicssound from twitter, Eli Hekel from everywhere else, including, an awesome writer's site that could probably use a few more bronies in it's forums.

  • what the darkly9 what the
  • Jake Lilley jakel99 Jake Lilley Chillin in the clubs of Canterlot

    on Google+ too! also avaliable on Xbox Live (RainbowDash99)

  • Amber Nicole Foster silentponytagonist Amber Nicole Foster Sinking Spring, PA

    18-year-old female artist, Graphic Design major.

  • Sir E. Hooves III eaglehooves Sir E. Hooves III Cleveland, Ohio

    Just as a clarification, the name (if I'm not using a gag one) is a reference to my time with the BSA. Three big interests (excluding ponies) are cars, computers, and scouting, and the last one means the most to me (There's a very long, personal, story there) (plus the fleur-de-leis looks nice). For the people linked here, the '/signature' is pretty much my universal signature for texts and emails, and the one thing that my pony and non-pony accounts have in common across the web. Other than that, I'm your average pegasus from the suburbs. Also, I finally got a dedicated e-mail: eaglehooves (at) gmail, a dedicated pony Skype: eagle.hooves, and am on Steam as "Lord Elusive"

  • Chris Bell mrdragon Chris Bell

    What are you doing here?

  • Leah Elizabeth Gnagy ♀ cutesaurus Leah Elizabeth Gnagy ♀ In Scatman's World

    As the ponies decorated a field for their summer party, they came upon a huge boulder too big for any of them to move. "It's too heavy," said Merriweather as she and her friends pushed against the big rock. Just then, Cutesaurus joined her friends. "I'm strong enough to move it," she said, easily rolling the rock out of the field. To thank their friend, the ponies made Cutesaurus the guest of honor at the party!

  • lilytheamazingfaintingpony lilytheamazingfaintingpony Østlandet, Norway


  • andrew B derpybronylikesrarity andrew B Delaware

    (I never have any serious posts. Just read them in a light-hearted manner) I like ponies playing the piano videogames and fun science (like the stuff they put in popular science magazine)

  • saftrjhthj saftrjhthj
  • theowl theowl