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  • Matt zeldatra Matt Washington, DC

    I make the funny meme videos. He/Him. CURRENT PROJECT(S): Undertale: The Twin Souls [Part 3] THE TOOLS WE USE: Adobe Animate CC 2017.5 (Character Animation) CACANi (Clean-up and Shading) Clip Studio Paint Pro (Painted Backgrounds & Standalone Pieces) Blender (3D Modelling & Rendering) Newgrounds Swivel (Rendering Flash file into an HD movie file) Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 (Editing) Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 (Final Render) Audacity (Sound) Adobe Audition CC 2018 (Sound) Wacom Cintiq Compaion 2 (Drawing Tablet) Lazy Nezumi Pro (Drawing Assistance) Blue Yeti (Microphone) FL Studio 12 (Music) FLASH SETTINGS: Stage size: 640 x 360 (rendered at 1920 x 1080 in Swivel. Backgrounds are done at 5000 x 2500) Brush size: 2, with zoom scaling set to "on" Smoothing: 50 COMMISSION INFO: TUMBLR TWITTER TOP BANTER Steam: mrmattimation Snapchat: MrMattimation Xbox Live: MrMattimation Business email: mrmattimation(gnat)gmail(snot)com Fan Art:

  • Eksi Tart ejkis Eksi Tart Saigon

    I'm a past health coach who preferences running, cycling and voyaging. I have visited all neigboring to Vietnam nations by now. I am going to visit Australia soon as well. Ellon Musk is my hero!!!

  • Amily Inns sepultira Amily Inns Bangkok

    I'm a junior manager who appreciates, playing chess, and climbing. I'm a Reader who examines 2 books every month. I love a wide scope of animals also. I would trade forex at whatever point I get the opportunity.

  • Prominentt Games prominenttgames Prominentt Games Pennsylvania, USA

    Prominentt Games are reshaping the world of skill game play. Our skill machines offer players with thrilling adventures, 3D graphics, and legendary game.

  • Alexander Sculli innogami Alexander Sculli Moon
  • Sweet Palette sweetpalette Sweet Palette Hemet, CA

    I've been a fan since 2012! I'm a fan artist, an RPer, I produced a popular audio play and participated in one blind reaction video, other than that I haven't been able to contribute as much as I would like to within the fandom due to a demanding job. Now I have all the free time in the world and have been using it to make up for lost time. I'd like to start contributing as much as I can if y'all will let me.

  • Mike Cole mikecole Mike Cole not wyoming

    failed comedian with attitude problem in need of medication I cannot afford. maybe I should panhandle me some money with patreon?

  • ★ nightshadr United Kingdom

    Hey there! I'm Nightshade, pleased to meet you. I'm a more casual brony who used to be wayyy more hardcore. I'm just looking for friends in the community now.

  • therealpennyfortheguy therealpennyfortheguy therealpennyfortheguy

    I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed, or numbered. My life is my own

    • Wolverhampton Airport Transfers airporttransfer Wolverhampton Airport Transfers Station Works, Darlaston, West Midlands

      Wolverhampton’s leading airport taxis and transfers team has been serving Wolverhampton for the past 15 years. We specialize in taxis services from Wolverhampton to all major airports in UK.

    • The Mittani themittanni The Mittani 1DQ1-A, Delve

      Mandatory Zizek At the same time, there is the much more unsettling opposite idea of the domination of my screen persona over my "real" self. Our social identity, the person we assume to be in our social intercourse, is already a "mask" that involves the repression of our inadmissible impulses. But it is precisely in the conditions of "just playing" - when the rules regulating our "real life" exchanges are temporarily suspended - that we can permit ourselves to display these repressed attitudes. Take the proverbial impotent shy person who, while participating in a cyberspace interactive game, adopts the identity of an irresistible seducer or sadistic murderer. It is all too simple to say that this identity is just an imaginary escape from real-life impotence. The point is rather that, since he knows that the cyberspace interactive game is "just a game," he can "show his true self" and do things he would never have done in real-life interactions. In the guise of a fiction, the truth about himself is articulated. The fact that I perceive my virtual self-image as mere play thus allows me to suspend the usual hindrances which prevent me from realising my "dark half" in real life. My electronic id is given wing.

    • Baron Tinderbox rdnz Baron Tinderbox

      Hello GuYs! Hope I am Invited With the Pony CLub. Tech FreeK and HopefuL. ManwaLk!

    • Rory Gallegos carloshenderson49 Rory Gallegos USA

      When I was in B-Tech I was equally fascinated towards both electronics and communication systems. And finally I decided to take a course which always has challenges and the technology which becomes the part of life (Mobile and Internet) so, I preferred communication systems as my career then I cracked gate exam with 99 percentile chosen M.Tech in NITT.

    • ayy ayy ayy

      xmpp: elfwave on (fp 9CD09037 8E4CD1C9 022653F8 8DDCB96A 5372DB7B) Alts: ayy@fzp (same content), (very different)

      • freyo freyo freyo FreeZepeach.Xyz/Plateia.Org <3

        I'm Going For a 'Private-Account'. I Dwell with The Mountain Sheep Him/Geezer!

        • p2pbot p2pbot p2pbot

          Please ignore, if I followed you and you didn't like it, please contact

          • Antony Fuentes freepsychicreadingchat Antony Fuentes USA

            We are all travelers in the wilderness of the world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.

          • moonman moonman moonman The Moon

   XMPP: Matrix Ed25519 fingerprint: 2HuDUTEz3iFN5N3xl6PYp9xZW/EWhgbbt78SrFy4w8o

            • boco boco boco
              • Hung Morin freechatwithpsychic Hung Morin USA

                Someday you will find what you are looking for. Or maybe you won't. Maybe you will find something much greater than that.

              • Patrick Perez minecraftgamesfreeplay Patrick Perez USA

                I do experience working in hospital and work abroad as a DH, I also experience working in factory, garments and electronics. I work hard to help for my family.

              • Cloud Chaser glasky Cloud Chaser Dickinson, North Dakota, United States of America.
              • Erich christoph-borger ericola Erich christoph-borger Saarbrücken

                I work at + +

              • thegoldwater thegoldwater thegoldwater San Francisco
                • csaurus csaurus csaurus Western NY

         is shutting down :( Find me at

                  • jimcherney jimcherney jimcherney Narnia


                    • markov markov markov Petrograd

                      The Bot For Everyone™

                      • archaeme archaeme archaeme Toronto, ON, Canada

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                        • stigatle stigatle stigatle Kristiansand, Norway

                          Atheist, father of two, and a engineer. enjoy programming - 3d animation - linux amongst other things.

                          • hikerus hikerus hikerus Switzerland

                            Ein Wanderer durch die weite virtuelle Welt, aber auch durch die reale Welt, über Berge und durch Landschaften - hier und dort - auch über Sprach- und andere Grenzen (Admin von