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    Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
  2. "Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled?"

    Sunday, 10-Aug-14 22:33:50 UTC from web
  3. I remember creating this account a long time ago and then I vanished. Probably should get back to doing things here.

    Thursday, 03-Jul-14 13:22:47 UTC from web
  4. >.> I am back... why was I lost for so long.

    Thursday, 03-Jul-14 13:18:11 UTC from web
  5. Do robots even have genders?

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:11:33 UTC from web
  6. @admin ahaha.

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:07:15 UTC from web
    • Weird question. Does anyone have any works of writing that they would like me to make into an audiobook?

      Saturday, 15-Feb-14 10:24:23 UTC from web
    • @snowcone Thanks ^_^ now a good site to relocated a renown rper

      Friday, 03-Jan-14 10:21:54 UTC from web
    • We haven't had any vocal @#Rarity fans here lately. !Rarity

      Friday, 08-Nov-13 21:59:42 UTC from web
    • !Rarity !Pinkie_Pie

      Monday, 26-Aug-13 23:18:04 UTC from web
    • Hey guys! Musiquestria's trying to raise at least $10k by 12PM PST and they're only $124 away! Go donate if you haven't already! and if you wanna hear them performing live online check out their stream at

      Monday, 27-May-13 05:30:53 UTC from web
    • !seattlebronies hey I'm Sierra I'm a brony female but I love to chat with people whose in Seattle... I'm in Fall city but a hours away from Seattle. Anybody can add me.... I wont bite XD

      Sunday, 26-May-13 22:18:48 UTC from web
      • !Rarity # @#Rarity @#SweetieBelle @#cute A new old favorite.

        Friday, 17-May-13 19:00:04 UTC from web
        • So is the rari-trend still going on?

          Thursday, 16-May-13 05:34:01 UTC from web
        • I feel a little bit like a superhero when I find and add a particularly elusive source for a pic. @#lightshipping !Rarity !Twilight_Sparkle

          Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 09:04:44 UTC from web
        • @#saucy !lnrdn !Rarity !Twilight_Sparkle

          Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 08:20:20 UTC from web
          • (paragraph enhanced) !ponypicturerampage @#RD !Rainbow_Dash @#AJ !Applejack @#Pinkie !Pinkie_Pie @#Derpy # @#Luna @#Celestia !Luna !Celestia @#Twilight !Twilight_Sparkle @#Rarity !Rarity # #

            Thursday, 04-Apr-13 01:03:22 UTC from web
          • @#Rarity !Rarity

            Wednesday, 27-Mar-13 08:36:59 UTC from web
          • I don't think I post enough @#Rarity !Rarity

            Sunday, 03-Mar-13 07:37:51 UTC from web
            • Haven't been on RDN in months then come and fount this !fillyradio

              Monday, 11-Feb-13 00:00:32 UTC from web
              • Another great !seattlebronies meetup is a success ☺

                Thursday, 20-Dec-12 06:50:41 UTC from web
                • @206ginge Oh hey, I know you!

                  Thursday, 29-Nov-12 15:15:03 UTC from web
                  • Oh hey, so !seattlebronies IS a thing. We need to use this group more!

                    Sunday, 21-Oct-12 19:21:29 UTC from web
                    • wait i have been on # for almost 5 months now 0.o WHERE DID TIME GO? oh right i am not on here that often.... >.> plug !fillyradio

                      Wednesday, 22-Aug-12 03:29:36 UTC from web
                    • BAH i need to keep up with # i am falling behind

                      Wednesday, 22-Aug-12 03:25:24 UTC from web
                    • How does I RDN on iPod

                      Thursday, 02-Aug-12 22:39:17 UTC from web
                      • Got my first brony t-shirt! Hopefully the first of many!

                        Thursday, 26-Jul-12 01:20:53 UTC from web
                        • DJ-Otakon be rockin' them beats over at !fillyradio, come listen in! We're partying all night!

                          Monday, 23-Jul-12 01:16:05 UTC from web
                          • WestJ's live mixing on !fillyradio, come listen in for some awesome DJing!

                            Sunday, 15-Jul-12 00:31:52 UTC from web
                            • Hey, !fillyradio enthusiasts! The FillyCast is starting in half an hour! We'll be wrapping up BronyCon and talking about various other things as well. Come listen!

                              Sunday, 01-Jul-12 23:32:06 UTC from web