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  1. Hi, My name is Gracey and I'm a journalism student at the University of Iowa. I have a final article due next week for one of my classes, and really wanted to do it over Bronies/what it means to be a brony. If anyone is in the Iowa City/Coralville area and is open to being interviewed, please let me know and we'll set something up. Thanks!

    Tuesday, 29-Nov-16 20:14:02 UTC from web
  2. Anyone from the Iowa State/ Ames area?

    Sunday, 06-Dec-15 02:15:10 UTC from web
    • Hello! Just joined, looking to see if there are any meetups planned.

      Friday, 27-Feb-15 22:30:14 UTC from web
    • /)

      Saturday, 10-Jan-15 16:03:09 UTC from web
    • Hope to see everyone tomorrow at the meetup who didn't go off to Ciderfest.

      Saturday, 08-Nov-14 00:28:59 UTC from web
      • Plans seem to be changed back to normal I guess. After lunch we will be going up the the nook instead of starting there I guess.

        Sunday, 05-Oct-14 18:03:59 UTC from web
        • Guess the October 11th meetup we will be meeting on the 4th floor of the Rotunda instead of next to the Lego Store. Just letting you guys know so you don't feel like you've been abandoned by the group. We will still be going to the food court at noon.

          Friday, 03-Oct-14 03:45:44 UTC from web
          • I don't think you guys understand how much I loved that movie...

            Wednesday, 01-Oct-14 05:04:50 UTC from web
          • Just got back from seeing the new movie, it was quite good and I already want to see it again.

            Saturday, 27-Sep-14 19:49:01 UTC from web
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            • @vt3c Just a visual antidepressant, really. Currently my downs and ups in terms of emotional stability has been even and I don't need to go all down because, y'know, responsibilities and shenanigans.

              Sunday, 28-Sep-14 00:06:17 UTC in context
            • @vt3c *huggles back* I missed ya' a lot buddy.

              Sunday, 28-Sep-14 00:08:29 UTC in context
            • @vt3c The 2nd showing with the group is next Saturday, October 4th at 10:30am, 15630 Cedar Ave, Apple Valley. It is only showing 11 people have said for sure they are going though. I don't know how far you have to travel, but if it is a decent distance I don't think it would really be worth it that much to go with the group if there is a closer more convenient theater that is showing it. After we saw it we were kind of planning on hanging out afterwards, but it just ended up being broken up small groups for a little bit and people just decided to head home.

              Sunday, 28-Sep-14 08:14:32 UTC in context

            Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
          • Don't know if any of you have heard at all, but the group is meeting up at the Carmike cinema in Apple Valley Sept 27th and October 4th for the Equestria Girls 2 premiere.

            Monday, 22-Sep-14 03:04:49 UTC from web
          • Anypony live in Stearns county?

            Friday, 12-Sep-14 04:36:54 UTC from web
          • Is there still a meetup happening at the mall.

            Wednesday, 10-Sep-14 15:45:02 UTC from web
          • Nini RDN gonna try and get some more sleeps ^_^ #

            Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 09:46:12 UTC from web
          • Oh man with RDN refresh it feels like the old tiems

            Thursday, 14-Aug-14 23:18:35 UTC from web
          • Whoa. I didn't even know we had extended profile settings.

            Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 09:28:06 UTC from web
          • has even

            Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 09:30:30 UTC from web
            • How did my follower count on Twitch exceed my following count I never even stream

              Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 07:58:25 UTC from web
            • # For everypony!!

              Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 08:52:24 UTC from web
            • Hiya ya'll i was looking to find bronies that were more nearby then the others i talked to and i found a whole group ^.^

              Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:38:11 UTC from web at 44°49'44"N 93°19'52"W
            • Check out my website noted on my profile. You can see like...Things about me and contact me and junk.

              Monday, 25-Aug-14 19:57:57 UTC from web
              • ...Who am I personally or going as?

                Monday, 25-Aug-14 19:55:16 UTC from web
                • Would anyone be interested in visiting the Shakopee Renaissance Festival with me in the near future?

                  Monday, 25-Aug-14 19:52:54 UTC from web
                  • Are any of you guys going to the state fair at all?

                    Wednesday, 20-Aug-14 22:40:24 UTC from web
                  • Hat tons of fun with you guys. It really sucks to have to leave tomorrow, but rest assured, I plan on returning. Likely sometime this winter, so I can see how the winters are here, because that seems to be the only thing Minnesotans have to complain about, and if that's really all, I might plan on moving here sometime next year!
                    I'll be sure to keep in touch with all of you! You guys keep in touch with me too, y'hear?

                    Monday, 11-Aug-14 23:42:00 UTC from web
                  • "Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled?"

                    Sunday, 10-Aug-14 22:33:50 UTC from web
                  • @panhandle Hope you had a fun memorable meetup with us at MoA today, and hope you can find more Caribou before you go back home.

                    Sunday, 10-Aug-14 02:59:04 UTC from web
                  • @vt3c Awesome! !mnbronies Can't wait to see you all!

                    Saturday, 09-Aug-14 14:41:35 UTC from web
                  • Just got my tiny Coco Pommel plush today, she'll be coming with to the meetup on Satuday.

                    Friday, 08-Aug-14 00:31:19 UTC from web
                    • ummm... hello i am new to iowa and was hoping there was some bronies that lived nearby i live in clinton

                      Friday, 08-Aug-14 00:25:50 UTC from web