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  1. Im afraid i will die without seeing an use to this card

    a few seconds ago from web
    • @thewaifutyphoom hey, remember bowandlyre? He is looking for yuri animes to watch. Have any suggestios? (Hed like one with action, too, but not akuma no riddle becausehe has already watched this one)

      about 8 minutes ago from web
    • Ive heard nothing bad ever happens in utah

      about 36 minutes ago from web
    • I thing im going to the mall see the dinosaurs tomorrow

      about 44 minutes ago from web
    • hello

      about 47 minutes ago from web
    • So I heard some users on here or prolific fan fiction writers. Anyone have anything to share? Hm?

      about 51 minutes ago from web
    • :9

      about an hour ago from web
    • Here's a huge testament to Adobe's competence: That 16,000 frame cap from the very first version of Flash, back when it was developed by FutureWave software? It is still there to this day, in the newest version.

      about an hour ago from web
    • Well then.

      about an hour ago from web
    • And my laptop might be doomed

      about an hour ago from web
      • Dont leave me, guys =(

        about an hour ago from web
      • Cant spell friendships without spelling friend's hips

        about 2 hours ago from web
      • So I found something interesting in my closet today; a Brazillian knockoff handheld Genesis! Turn your volume down before listening to the sound it makes.

        about 3 hours ago from web
      • What mango b diz?

        about 3 hours ago from web
        • Couldnt get my reservist certificate today because they were doing that stupid flag swear BS. Might do it in the monday, but they told me to shave =(

          about 3 hours ago from web
          • It seems i have onternet again. Not on my laptop though, that will be a wholw new problem

            about 3 hours ago from web
            • Super Tazdingo

              about 7 hours ago from web
            • A hand composed entirely of Argent Commanders and sunwalkers

              about 7 hours ago from web
              • And then Zombie Nation and one more time. Apparently he has good taste in this sort of thing

                about 7 hours ago from web
                • My brother just put Sandstorm on. This is the first time in years I've not hear it ironically

                  about 7 hours ago from web
                • Is it possible (and/or recommended) to jump into the Ace Attorney series wherever possible, or should I start from the beginning? !vgp !3ds

                  about 7 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                • My partners and I are based in Lagos, Nigeria and are looking to start a bitcoin mining business here. As you know Africa is full of natural resources and the latest Japanese geological survey specified that there are more than 100,000 bitcoins to be discovered just 5-10km beneath the mantle crust. My partners and I would like strong international partners to commence the bitcoin mining operation.

                  about 10 hours ago from web
                • BRONYCON TIME YAY

                  about 11 hours ago from web
                • @renovatedkitchen if you get the chance, play this as you are speeding.

                  about 5 days ago from web
                • [rainbowdash-network] RedEnchilada - Add minimum length for nicknames

                  about 12 hours ago from github
                • A man chooses. A cat rolls on your feet

                  about 15 hours ago from web
                  • implying the people this is marketed to use soap

                    about 18 hours ago from web
                  • Hey guys, my mom's watching! say hi!

                    about 21 hours ago from web
                  • i really wanted to try getting scientific ilustration, but my last experience qith a drawing course was a little terrifying....

                    about a day ago from web
                  • well, the yugioh fanbase seems to draw a lot of yaoi

                    about a day ago from web


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