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  • group. ponychan group. Orbiting the star Sol.

    Mainly just to spread the word of ponychan, a good place with many loving posters.

  • Rainbow Dash Fans rainbowdash Rainbow Dash Fans

    Rainbow Dash fans, UNITE! She makes everything 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat.

  • Fluttershy Fan Group fluttershy Fluttershy Fan Group

    Group for fans of Fluttershy. Come and join...I mean, if you want to...

  • Video Game Ponies! videogameponies Video Game Ponies!

    A group for all the ponies who enjoy playing video games! From FPS to RPG to RTS!

  • Princess Luna Fans princesslunafans Princess Luna Fans

    For all fans of Princess Luna!

  • Equestria Daily eqdaily Equestria Daily AZ

    Pony news!

  • Skype ponies skypers Skype ponies

    Anypony who hangs out on Skype!

  • Movie Bronies filmbronies Movie Bronies

    Classic or new, obscure or mainstream, loved or loathed - a group for bronies to discuss movies.

  • Central Florida Bronies centralflbronies Central Florida Bronies Tampa, FL

    If you happen to be from the Central Florida area, that is Orlando and the Tampa Bay area the join. Invite your friends.

  • Hugs hugs Hugs Everywhere you could possibly imagine

    We all could use one sometime or another. :3

  • Spitfire is Best Pony spitfire Spitfire is Best Pony

    Name says it all! This group is for everyone who loves Spitfire! (You don't necessarily have to believe she is best pony, but it doesn't hurt. ^.^ )

  • fans of luna luna fans of luna

    this is a group for bronies who love the princess of the night.

  • Steam Gamers steam Steam Gamers Anywhere

    For those of us who play games over Steam.

  • Smile smile Smile

    Just smile. happy videos. happy pics. JUST SMILE

  • Braeburn braeburn Braeburn Appleloosa

    Everypony is gay for him. No exceptions.

  • Stop The Scootabuse scootabuse Stop The Scootabuse

    We are the legion that defends abusive homes for filly's with Scootaloo as our poster foal. Help band together and stop scootabuse!

  • RDN's Birthday Group! rdnbirthday RDN's Birthday Group! The Internet!

    Let's rejoice in the happiness that RDN has brought each and every one of us! And let's not forget that we have so many people to thank for this, and that it's a celebration for them all as well. Mainly our great leader, Cabal, I guess.

  • United Bronies ub United Bronies Everywhere!

    A group for all bronies. We believe that no bronies should be divided by gender or country.

  • Ponykart ponykart Ponykart

    the group for all things related to the fangame ponykart. lead by one of the developers.

  • sleep is for the weak! lolsleep sleep is for the weak!

    For those nocturnal ponies who are above sleeping!!