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  1. 何回も説明するのはDRY原則に反して、手間なので、引用についてもどこかで記事にまとめますかね…

    about 2 months ago from gnusocial.jp
  2. Always pleasantly surprised to see this place still kicking

    about 4 months ago from web
  3. your local console pleb bought yet another console. praise me http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/876261

    about 4 months ago from web
  4. Nothing quite so uniquely sucks as waking up with the same headache with which one went to bed

    about 8 months ago from web
  5. talking kiwi on a Disney movie gets you ratio’d harder than saying something racist

    about 9 months ago from web
  6. my second full day in England was spent asleep because I caught something on the plane. to whomever did that: you are a dick

    about 10 months ago from web
  7. Who is paying to keep this site running and more importantly who is paying for that person’s mental healthcare

    about 10 months ago from web
  8. ay do site managers still come on here from time to time?

    Saturday, 02-Oct-21 18:40:26 UTC from web
  9. Whatever DID happen to Grimey?

    Monday, 20-Sep-21 22:01:29 UTC from web
  10. Is this thing on?

    Sunday, 15-Aug-21 18:35:48 UTC from web
  11. So has anyone ported Doom to the Virtual Boy, and do they make a good VB emulator for a VR headset yet? !vgp

    Sunday, 01-Aug-21 17:44:27 UTC from web
  12. Long horse is loooong !art # http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/875964

    Saturday, 24-Jul-21 19:30:04 UTC from web
  13. I'm not big into LEGO but somehow I want a Star Wars Clone Wars Gunship set.

    Thursday, 15-Jul-21 19:19:37 UTC from web
  14. E-mails asking me if I wanna be harder and longer, meanwhile I've been hard long enough and just wanna mellow, man....

    Friday, 16-Jul-21 18:06:17 UTC from web
  15. @scribus To answer the question I just got via email, the server is a basic digitalocean droplet. The $20 one. Depending on how much traffic you're expecting, you could easily run a couple of instances on there.

    Wednesday, 07-Apr-21 22:48:40 UTC from web
  16. So you know how they've got those nigh-pornographic art models with the poseable skeletons and all that jazz? Do they make them in non-human? Looking for a mouse or a rat... uh, also non-lewd. I don't need a sexy mouse. Not yet....

    Saturday, 27-Mar-21 20:26:28 UTC from web
  17. i logged out for like 8 months and now email notifs are working again

    Sunday, 21-Mar-21 23:40:46 UTC from web

    Wednesday, 23-Dec-20 06:45:22 UTC from web
  19. Err.. Sorry. @ceruleanspark

    Wednesday, 26-Aug-20 01:03:48 UTC from web
    • @scribus Fix SSL plz k thx.

      Wednesday, 26-Aug-20 00:57:45 UTC from web
    • Shape your watermelon. Shape the young watermelon

      Wednesday, 10-Jun-20 14:06:08 UTC from web
    • Disney+ has a collection titled "The Simpsons Predict the Future", which includes episodes of The Simpsons in which they make jokes that later became fact. One such episode is "Bart to the Future", in which Lisa mentions "President Trump", and "The Serfsons", where they predicted the ending to Game of Thrones, and "The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson", where... uh...

      Hey Disney, what the mango

      Monday, 27-Apr-20 06:29:58 UTC from web
    • whoops i'm playing fallout 76 again

      Sunday, 19-Apr-20 08:09:08 UTC from web
    • Fluffle Puff it, I'm turning the search off.

      Friday, 17-Apr-20 08:55:45 UTC from web
      • I optimized the database for the two of you. Just shows I still care~

        Thursday, 16-Apr-20 21:52:45 UTC from web
        • Good morning, everypony! I hope you have a super duper luper day!! It's 2011

          Wednesday, 01-Apr-20 08:28:03 UTC from web
        • @mrmattimation This seems like something you might find interesting: https://bluwingskitty.tumblr.com/post/613056765209214976

          Friday, 20-Mar-20 08:18:58 UTC from web
        • I'm sure you all want to know what Rainbow Dash Network is doing about Coronavirus. The answer is, much like McDonalds: "grapeing nothing".

          Wednesday, 18-Mar-20 19:23:27 UTC from web
        • I’m not too proud to admit I was wrong @nerthos was right. I am in fact, enjoying Fallout 76 a great deal.

          Friday, 28-Feb-20 09:01:25 UTC from web

          Thursday, 27-Feb-20 08:02:46 UTC from web