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  1. While I'm at it, I'd like to admin !Fluttertwi as well.

    Friday, 13-Jun-14 08:08:22 UTC from web
  2. The lingering question from that trade remains: how badly did I gyp myself

    Wednesday, 21-May-14 08:29:15 UTC from web
  3. @sprite I really want to build a !Fluttertwi deck personally for no other reason that I love that pair.

    Wednesday, 01-Jan-14 07:07:04 UTC from web
  4. =)

    Saturday, 28-Dec-13 15:53:50 UTC from web
  5. !Fluttertwi !Fluttershy !Twilight_Sparkle # I guess there are some # parts in this.

    Friday, 22-Nov-13 04:22:46 UTC from web
  6. also, the Combinatorics Project is really good so far.

    Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 06:48:26 UTC from web
  7. Everyone knows the only Fluttershy ship worth caring about is Discoshy

    Sunday, 17-Nov-13 22:23:13 UTC from web
  8. It's good to see that the Entertainer is including all the important characters in its banner.

    Thursday, 01-Aug-13 14:16:41 UTC from web
  9. @#lightshipping !Pinkie_Pie !Rainbow_Dash

    Monday, 29-Jul-13 19:46:42 UTC from web
  10. !Fluttertwi !Fluttershy !Twilight_Sparkle @#Fluttershy @#Twilight #

    Tuesday, 25-Jun-13 08:28:32 UTC from web
    • !fluttertwi #

      Wednesday, 22-May-13 14:18:30 UTC from web
    • So is the rari-trend still going on?

      Thursday, 16-May-13 05:34:01 UTC from web
    • !fluttertwi

      Tuesday, 30-Apr-13 05:41:30 UTC from web
      • @snowlynx That's the first ship I've ever seen, honestly I have no idea what shipping is... isn't it like the mane 6 with mane 6 romantically?

        Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 09:34:20 UTC from web
      • !fluttertwi @shylight Your name is fantastic!

        Thursday, 28-Mar-13 15:34:02 UTC from web
      • !Fluttertwi

        Monday, 18-Feb-13 01:29:32 UTC from web
        • !fluttertwi !Twilight_Sparkle !Fluttershy

          Monday, 18-Feb-13 00:23:33 UTC from web
        • !Twilight_Sparkle !Rainbow_Dash !Fluttershy #

          Friday, 15-Feb-13 21:54:55 UTC from web
        • !fluttertwi is now 20% cooler #

          Friday, 15-Feb-13 20:55:10 UTC from web
          • Fluttershy is struck with Twilight's beauty !Fluttertwi #

            Thursday, 31-Jan-13 13:43:53 UTC from web
            • if i made a group for art would anypony join? i plan to call it the "Alicon Art Association"

              Friday, 11-Jan-13 00:22:33 UTC from web
            • !fluttertwi tumblr updates recently include a bunch of pic sets last month and recently a review of a fic by yours truly

              Thursday, 10-Jan-13 16:09:26 UTC from web
              • I've been updating my !Fluttertwi tumblr a lot lately. Suggestions welcome. @#Twilight @#Fluttertwi The tumblr itself contains @#lightshipping, all of which should be SFW.

                Thursday, 20-Dec-12 10:10:22 UTC from web
                • This place needs more !fluttertwi

                  Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 06:48:39 UTC from web
                • !fluttertwi humanized art that I can stand # # @#lightshipping

                  Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 09:43:35 UTC from web
                  • !Fluttertwi # # # @#saucy

                    Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 09:36:17 UTC from web
                    • !Fluttertwi Been making updates to (contains some # images) # # @#Fluttershy @#Twilight @#cute

                      Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 08:31:01 UTC from web
                      • Pretty sure my manager just threatened me. That's an appropriate time to flip out, right?

                        Thursday, 22-Nov-12 09:45:35 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      • Why don't we just legalize pot and use the massive Keebler cookie sales to justify it. It's a win/win for Wall Street.

                        Monday, 22-Oct-12 06:34:59 UTC from web
                      • @derpyshy !Fluttertwi @#lightshipping # #

                        Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 12:50:41 UTC from web