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  • Bacon bacon Bacon Baconland

    A group for everypony who loves bacon! Anypony and everypony are welcome to join us in the praising of bacon!

  • Caffeine Fiends caffeine Caffeine Fiends

    Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid and psychoactive stimulant.

  • Spy Ponies spyponies Spy Ponies ******************

    the group for cookies (it's really a spy group, but Shh it's a secret) P.S. Admin is no longer here.

  • The Legend of Zelda fans zelda The Legend of Zelda fans Hyrule

    For all the fans of the greatest adventure franchise ever! The Legend of Zelda for life! Credit for the logo goes to Doval:

  • The RDN Drinking Game! rdndrinkinggame The RDN Drinking Game!

    Every time X says Y, take a drink!

  • The Church of Flaxxology flaxxology The Church of Flaxxology Wherever Flaxx chooses to be

    Flaxx has done a Pope Benedict and resigned from RDN. Let's try and bring him back the best way we know how - with FORCE!

  • 3DS Ponies 3dspony 3DS Ponies

    Sub group for Video Game Ponies. Posting a friend code for the 3DS? Join this group so others can see!

  • And now for something completely different newtopic And now for something completely different

    This subject is stupid and shit. Let's talk about something different.

  • afronium circusite afrocircus afronium circusite circus


  • Gravity Falls Fans gravityfalls Gravity Falls Fans Gravity Falls, Oregon

    Fans of both Friendship is Magic and the new Disney animated show Gravity Falls.

  • Bad Idea Central badideacentral Bad Idea Central

    What could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING, THAT'S WHAT.

  • The Danger Zone dangerzone The Danger Zone

    For those who are in the general area of danger.

  • Community Logo Mondays clm Community Logo Mondays

    Make a custom logo depicting anything (within reason) you want, and post it here! Every Monday one will be chosen to adorn the site for the entire day! Useful info: -The normal logo font is Sansation (but you're not required to use this) -Logos are 100 pixels tall, and can be up to 600 pixels wide Reference files (if you want them)]: [TODO: new reference files] Don't like seeing the logos? Disable them in your RDN Plus settings.

  • Livestreamers of RDN streamers Livestreamers of RDN

    A group for anyone who streams to promote themself.

  • Cutie Mark and the Funky Bunch funkybunch Cutie Mark and the Funky Bunch

    Wait what is this even for (Only cool kids may join, sorry)

  • No Furries Allowed notfurry No Furries Allowed

    A group for people who are not furries and are tired of being oppressed by the furry masses.

  • The club of people who are not good enough for Mushi mushinoticeme The club of people who are not good enough for Mushi NOT in Mushi's heart

    A group for those who lacks the attributes to being noticed by RDN's ultimate senpai, Mushi. MUSHI-SENPAI NOTICE US PLZ

  • The Dunk Zone smash The Dunk Zone Final Destination

    Official Super Smash Bros. Group of RDN. Not Falco. No johns.