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  1. i wish it would rain [blood] down [on the heads of ingrates]

    about 9 months ago from web
    • Happy New Year from !SoCal

      Sunday, 01-Jan-17 08:09:19 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • Augh, a slight amount of rain! #: !SoCal

      Friday, 16-Dec-16 01:13:00 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • apparently I have a summer job now

        Friday, 05-Aug-16 17:28:18 UTC from web
        I was out last night ratting around DT Riverside, and I saw other roving packs of players. Gyms kept turning blue or red, but sometimes I'd see yellow and wonder who else was fighting the good fight. Thought a Telegram group might help. # #

        Friday, 29-Jul-16 02:07:48 UTC from web
      • Yeah, why the hell not? !SoCal

        Thursday, 31-Mar-16 00:29:53 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • Is there anywhere that has less extreme summers but equally mild winters? !socal

          Sunday, 27-Mar-16 07:21:51 UTC from web
          • STORMWATCH 2015! !socal

            Friday, 11-Dec-15 17:33:35 UTC from web
            • And if you’re from !SoCal, I believe it is required that when you eat a burger anywhere else in the country, no matter how good it is, you must compare it (poorly) to In-N-Out. You may have heard it before, “Yeah, Shake Shack/Five Guys/Fatburger is good…but it’s not In-N-Out”. Please try to understand, we don’t do this out of pride, we do this because we are assholes.

              Friday, 20-Mar-15 17:43:54 UTC from web
            • Hello?

              Sunday, 28-Dec-14 03:01:32 UTC from web
            • Literally went into South Carolina just to go to an alcohol shop on the border, then back again. And frankly I wish I'd stayed in the car.

              Thursday, 10-Jul-14 01:38:00 UTC from web
            • Oh and then another quake of the earth. !socal

              Sunday, 30-Mar-14 05:07:34 UTC from web
              • Oh hey, today is the last day of winter. Winter Wrap up time, guize.

                Wednesday, 19-Mar-14 17:52:53 UTC from web
              • hey everypony c: i'm just trying to get out there & make new friends :o i have zero friends so talk to me? add me on twitter? @ so_fetch_liz there aren't any bronies or pegasisters where i live & i'd like to meet some :(

                Monday, 27-Jan-14 02:09:01 UTC from web
              • !labronies Does this actually help bronies to find other bronies IRL?

                Monday, 07-Oct-13 03:07:11 UTC from web
              • Oh boy! @zarkanorf !

                Wednesday, 10-Jul-13 20:31:52 UTC from web
              • Sure feels pregnant here.

                Wednesday, 10-Jul-13 20:30:23 UTC from web
              • Used the word "dolt" to insult a fellow classmate after he tried yet again to steer the class conversation to marijuana. He didn't know what a dolt was. I feel very proud of myself. # #

                Wednesday, 10-Jul-13 20:25:30 UTC from web
              • So basically Space Jam is terrible on all levels for its mistreatment of the cartoon elite. Now if I don't mind, I'm going to listen to this song about Elmer Fudd wanting to have sex with a sandwich.

                Wednesday, 10-Jul-13 20:30:31 UTC from web
              • Enter Lola.

                Wednesday, 10-Jul-13 20:29:47 UTC from web
              • Where is the # stream happening?\

                Wednesday, 10-Jul-13 20:28:58 UTC from web
              • @zarkanorf well hello there

                Wednesday, 03-Jul-13 18:54:38 UTC from web
              • I will never understand why productive, teacher-to-student communication in the classroom is met with so much resistance. I swear, someone just went as far as to say, "I don't have an opinion about anything!!" when the teacher just asked her why she didn't agree with an essay we all just read. THIS IS COLLEGE; HAND-HOLDING AND DUCKING FROM CONFRONTATION ISN'T GOING TO HELP YOU.

                Wednesday, 03-Jul-13 18:46:26 UTC from web
              • Welp, I'm off to be distracted by borderland 2. Tata!

                Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 17:58:15 UTC from web
              • # Apple Bloom, by making Equestria enter The Void, where she rules according to her butt stamp.\

                Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 18:02:26 UTC from web
                • Hello everypony. I have returned

                  Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 17:53:52 UTC from web
                • 'People you may know on Google Plus!' - two results. Both of whom are me. Google, are you even trying?

                  Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 17:56:39 UTC from web
                • HE'S DOING IT AGAIN

                  Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 17:56:09 UTC from web
                • Let's play the "What the buck is a Zarkanorf?" game.

                  Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 17:42:52 UTC from web