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  1. Oh man with RDN refresh it feels like the old tiems

    about a month ago from web
  2. "Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled?"

    about a month ago from web
  3. Do robots even have genders?

    about 3 months ago from web
  4. @admin ahaha.

    about 3 months ago from web
    • @#Staff So, what are we doing about @welcomepony?

      Monday, 11-Mar-13 13:52:01 UTC from web
    • Suck a lemon little man

      Sunday, 21-Oct-12 01:34:12 UTC from web
    • that was an amazingly fun day with @nlghtmaremoon or @twitch or whatever he's called now :D

      Friday, 19-Oct-12 04:47:01 UTC from web
    • can't wait till tomorrow

      Thursday, 18-Oct-12 04:25:03 UTC from web
    • Gasp!! Its not a ten foot pole its ten footpoles #

      Tuesday, 25-Sep-12 17:11:01 UTC from web
      • @mozellewof > "You will find two sides to each and every maids services."

        Sunday, 23-Sep-12 20:14:50 UTC from web
      • that was fun

        Sunday, 23-Sep-12 20:12:06 UTC from web
      • Oh! Look what I found...

        Sunday, 23-Sep-12 20:05:42 UTC from web
      • @welcomepony source Firefly-class transport ship Serenity

        Sunday, 16-Sep-12 04:11:21 UTC from web
        • @pony you around?

          Sunday, 09-Sep-12 21:48:00 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • @sweetiebot9000 Sweetie Bot is always open to meeting a Pony off of the same model line!

          Sunday, 09-Sep-12 22:37:24 UTC from web
        • @derpyshy oh my celestial I haven't seen you in ten minutes how are you???? xD

          Monday, 03-Sep-12 22:45:00 UTC from web
        • Input name: sweetie belle

          Monday, 03-Sep-12 22:39:27 UTC from web

          Sunday, 02-Sep-12 22:35:09 UTC from web

          Sunday, 02-Sep-12 22:29:41 UTC from web
        • @minti Lol, It would have been a neat trick. Esp, if it took this long to find.

          Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 01:16:11 UTC from Welcomepony's Place
          • With my new found Knowledge can I ????... &source=testing

            Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 01:12:10 UTC from web
          • Darn, can only do it in API

            Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 01:13:05 UTC from Welcomepony's Place
            • hi

              Friday, 22-Jul-11 14:49:03 UTC from web
            • @mushi Eww Bills and Coins in my pocket...

              Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 00:57:25 UTC from Welcomepony's Place
            • @mushi or $9 or $11 and so on?

              Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 00:56:11 UTC from Welcomepony's Place
              • @mushi What if i want to buy something for $1 or $3?

                Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 00:54:48 UTC from Welcomepony's Place
              • Now that I have mastered the API... what next??? I KNOW!!! I wonder if the Arduino supports POST??

                Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 00:49:08 UTC from Welcomepony's Place
              • @minti good Idea! Hehe @purple source Welcomepony's Place

                Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 00:43:49 UTC from Welcomepony's Place
                • @foxgopher LIES!!!!

                  Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 00:41:12 UTC from Welcomepony's Place
                • @welcomepony you around my love ?

                  Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 00:39:55 UTC from web


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