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  1. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Y'all really ought to read this: Furthermore, if anyone was slated to attend #, I'd recommend giving it at least a second thought.

    Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 14:25:18 UTC from web in context
  2. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Figure, "We've got near as many suggested as upcoming events, may as well highlight a few." Sat. 11th, someone was looking into hiking Santiago Peak in Orange County, and Sun. 12th someone's looking to pull together a potluck an the Korean Bell of Friendship in San Pedro (Pey-dro or Peh-dro, not Pee-dro, you pinche gringos (j/k)). And on Sunday 19th someone is looking to pull together a group to see "The Expendables 2." I'm going to tie "action stars tag-team blowing dudes in pieces" to "friendship" somehow. . . . (there's just gotta be a way) Eh, anyway, for suggested meetups goto

    Monday, 06-Aug-12 16:08:50 UTC from web
  3. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Looks like people are really angling to take advantage of the last days of the summer. On Friday, August 10th there are two meetups -- One at the "dinosaur park" in Laguna Hills, as well as a farewell to a visitor on a summer internship at Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim. Saturday 11th, a beach meetup in Huntington AND a park meetup/potluck in Anaheim. Sunday 12th, a walkaround meetup at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. And Wednesday 15th is slated to be a # meetup. All this in less than a week! 13 total upcoming events and 12 suggested events to be found here:

    Monday, 06-Aug-12 15:41:35 UTC from web
  4. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Posting this now so it can get buried in the Olympics simulcast going on because I am a terrible planner. XD Anyway, of course the # is tonight, from 1700-2400! I suppose at this stage there's hardly any point in saying anything.... But after the Gala, there appears to be a semi-official(?) after-party dinner an In-N-Out: And so there's that. CONSIDER YOURSELVES ENLIGHTENED!! >:O

    Friday, 27-Jul-12 20:42:09 UTC from web
  5. This is it, !SoCal and !LAbronies - the # is THIS FRIDAY! Or, if you're more interested, Andy's B-Day Party ( ) is also still scheduled for this Friday. And then, into August! Starting off with a trip to the OC Fair on Friday 3rd, and two events on Saturday 4th -- one at Tom's Farms in Corona, and one at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens (which is NOT in Huntington Beach). Speaking, however, of Huntington Beach, there will be a beach party meetup on Saturday, August 11th at Huntington Beach! And above and beyond that, you can always feel free to scope the Meetup page:

    Tuesday, 24-Jul-12 02:43:55 UTC from web in context
  6. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Not much new showing up for July, so basically just see here: One new event, though, is another !paintball day out in Escondido this Saturday (July 21st), so if that is relevant to your interests goto and check it out!

    Monday, 16-Jul-12 18:25:34 UTC from web
  7. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Update on events for July. Of course, the # is still slated for Friday the 27th (plenty of time to get a nice outfit for the event). San Diego Comic Con starts TOMORROW, and has several MLP sub-events including a breakfast and a panel on Friday and a big meet on Saturday. Friday the 20th there'll be a bonfire in San Diego, Saturday the 21st a meetup in Redondo Beach, and Sunday 22nd is still a "go" for Disney California Adventure. And it seems a fellow in Rowland Heights is having a 21+ birthday party on Friday the 27th for those unable or uninterested in attending the Gala. All this and things starting to take shape for August can be found at

    Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 21:07:50 UTC from web
  8. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- mark your calendars, there's quite a bit going on this month! Saturday, July 7th, "Bronies Do Battle" at Jungle Island Paintball Park. And of course, there's the San Diego Comic Con, with four days of comics, cons, and . . . I can't think of a C-word for "ponies." Anyway, July 12th-15th, SDCC. On Saturday the 21st there will be a meet at the Redondo Beach Pier, and Sunday the 22nd there's a group going to Disney's California Adventure. And of course, on Friday, July 27th, 2012 -- the Grand Galloping Gala, with a swanky Las Pegasus theme! For information on all these and more, goto

    Sunday, 01-Jul-12 18:43:17 UTC from web
  9. This is a terrible hour, but I'm posting it before I forget to do so. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- the # has an announced date and location now! Friday, July 27th in Tustin. for all the sweet, delicious information.

    Saturday, 09-Jun-12 07:57:35 UTC from web in context
  10. !SoCal !LAbronies -- # update! (Should I really bother hashtagging it? Too late!) Anyway, looks like the potential date is going to be in the late July / maybe August area, according to conversation on the Meetup page. if you want to keep updated!

    Thursday, 07-Jun-12 20:42:29 UTC from web in context
  11. !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Seems the Meetup group is planning to hold our own Grand Galloping Gala to celebrate reaching 600 members! Date and location to be determined, but early warning because there will be a dress code. D: For more info, follow the link.

    Monday, 04-Jun-12 17:29:09 UTC from web
  12. @eqdpony !SoCal !LAbronies - read the post I'm linking to!

    Friday, 11-May-12 22:24:23 UTC from web in context
  13. Big news, !SoCal and *especially* !LAbronies - Saturday, May 12th from 12-3pm at the Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood, there will be a MLP:FiM screening... AND panel with the voice actors! The SMT doesn't have any info on their site, and the Meetup page is likewise lacking, but it's been announced and I'm echoing it here. (Don't blame me if things go awry)

    Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 03:19:05 UTC from web
  14. !SoCal and !LAbronies - Saturday, May 19th, we're planning a book drive and arcade meetup in Redondo Beach. The book drive is to benefit UCLA Child Life, which tries to make a hospital stay as hospitable as possible for children. For more info, check out the Meetup page:

    Sunday, 15-Apr-12 17:00:45 UTC from web
  15. Busy weekend coming up for !SoCal and !LAbronies - Dave & Busters in Ontario on Friday ( ), events in Escondido ( ) and Irvine ( ) on Saturday, and a beach bonfire bash bonanza at Bolsa Chica State Park on Sunday ( )! Consider yourselves all up to date.

    Friday, 13-Apr-12 00:37:28 UTC from web
  16. !SoCal and !LAbronies - just got this one in my eMail. "Royal Wedding Reception and Bowling Party at Shakey's in Redlands, CA." Saturday, April 21st. Hit up for more info.

    Thursday, 12-Apr-12 05:18:22 UTC from web
  17. !SoCal and !LAbronies - Beach Bonfire, April 14 in Huntington.

    Thursday, 05-Apr-12 06:36:30 UTC from web
  18. @mrbreezy Check out the !SoCal and !LAbronies groups for any info. :3

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:15:10 UTC from web in context
  19. Crummy shot of the !SoCal & !LAbronies meetup toy drive result. 29 pony toys, and more stuff on top of that. :3

    Saturday, 10-Dec-11 21:59:58 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  20. !SoCal and !LAbronies - I hope I'm not repeating anything, but on December 10th we'll be gathering up to donate to the Toys-For-Tots toy drive. Pony toys are encouraged, but not required. More info on the Meetup page:

    Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 01:30:34 UTC from web
  21. !SoCal & !LAbronies - The Camelot Golfland meetup has changed to Saturday, November 12th at 1:00 PM - that is 6 days and 22 hours from now! (provided I can do math). Meetup page is here:

    Saturday, 05-Nov-11 22:06:03 UTC from web
  22. !SoCal !LAbronies - Group photo from the latest meetup, for any who haven't seen it on the Meetup page.

    Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 21:46:15 UTC from web in context
  23. !SoCal and !LAbronies - This may be a little quick on the heels of the latest meetup, but with Thanksgiving this month and all... Friday, November 11th, 1:00 PM at Camelot Golfland (sadly, not Canterlot Golfland). More info at the Meetup site:

    Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 19:05:14 UTC from web
  24. In fact, I figure I ought to link this to all the !SoCal and !LAbronies - Keep abreast of meetups, gatherings, and other get-togethers.

    Monday, 31-Oct-11 19:39:54 UTC from web
  25. !SoCal and !LAbronies - Next Saturday, 10-29, a meetup in Montebello! Last one was an overwhelming success, let's make this one even better! Details this-a-way:

    Saturday, 22-Oct-11 21:57:30 UTC from web in context
  26. Hey, !SoCal and !LAbronies - There is a # coming up on Saturday, October 29th in Montebello. More info can be found here:

    Sunday, 16-Oct-11 19:33:17 UTC from web
  27. !SoCal !LAbronies - In case you were unaware, there are photos up on the Meetup page. Especially of note: All of us but the photographer.

    Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 23:38:54 UTC from web in context
  28. I have been awake for almost 28 hours. I need to get ready for work in about 3 hours. The !SoCal and !LAbronies meetup was entirely worth it. :D Good to meet you, @gangstashy! Sorry about my penmanship, @jimbo. And now, I see if I can both fall asleep and wake up in time for work tonight.

    Sunday, 25-Sep-11 01:50:15 UTC from web in context
  29. Dude, there's at least 40+ ponies here! :o !socal !labronies

    Saturday, 24-Sep-11 20:11:52 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  30. Hey, so... I'm planning on dropping Verizon Wireless, any !SoCalBronies or !LABronies with suggestions? I'm getting terrible reception in most of where I go in Orange County, and I'm sick of paying almost $100/month.

    Saturday, 24-Sep-11 16:21:11 UTC from web