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  1. My class is going to New York in January. I hope I don't get mugged.

    Friday, 10-Oct-14 19:35:32 UTC from web
  2. I'm not like those other, spaghetti-dropping bronies. I have /lasagna/ in *my* pockets!

    Friday, 10-Oct-14 19:02:16 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  3. Since when does "Social Justice Warrior" basically mean "person who very actively has his/her own agenda and tries to rile people up" ?

    Friday, 10-Oct-14 18:41:07 UTC from web
  4. I just blew a month of saved up cash on a Wii U. Sm4sh and Bayonetta better be good

    Friday, 10-Oct-14 18:15:56 UTC from web
    • Using the word dank is not appropriate to describe cold pizza

      Friday, 10-Oct-14 12:35:39 UTC from web
    • Skipping school because I'm a bad boy.

      Friday, 10-Oct-14 12:40:31 UTC from web
    • Oh and the first person to suggest we can improve the sites culture just by banning someone gets to be kicked in the face.

      Thursday, 09-Oct-14 13:35:49 UTC from web
    • The feeling of relief from taking your shoes off

      Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:46:58 UTC from web
    • Is it too much a stretch to ask who is John Galtz?

      Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:34:22 UTC from web
    • Do a little dance. Make a little love. # tonight.

      Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:34:05 UTC from web
    • After 3 years of college I can sufficiently say that if I graduate with anything it will be a degree in wasting time

      Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:34:12 UTC from web
    • Do you have any TP?

      Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:23:36 UTC from web
    • @madflavors Holy dole Madflavors came back

      Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:15:14 UTC from web
    • The only anime I watch

      Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:13:23 UTC from web
    • Winrars don't do drugs

      Saturday, 04-Oct-14 05:10:57 UTC from web
    • Ebola isn't very scary when you consider the fact that Texas probably executes everyone unfit to live.

      Friday, 03-Oct-14 16:19:43 UTC from web
    • Thanks rain

      Friday, 03-Oct-14 16:19:39 UTC from web
      • They don't know bout my dunkaroos

        Friday, 03-Oct-14 14:54:13 UTC from web
      • Yoloswag420blazeitfriendos

        Friday, 03-Oct-14 07:19:04 UTC from web
      • Colored rainbow horses still a thing?

        Friday, 03-Oct-14 07:31:48 UTC from web
      • i'm too tired to be awake but smash hype

        Friday, 03-Oct-14 07:14:53 UTC from web

        Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
      • Do robots even have genders?

        Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:11:33 UTC from web
      • @admin ahaha.

        Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:07:15 UTC from web
        • 2edgy

          Wednesday, 26-Mar-14 05:25:21 UTC from web
          • oh man

            Wednesday, 26-Mar-14 05:18:52 UTC from web
          • I belong here

            Saturday, 14-Dec-13 07:09:09 UTC from web
          • Judgmbananant day is upon us

            Saturday, 07-Dec-13 15:56:18 UTC from web
          • @snowconkiwi Thpapaya FrankFrankbananarZrZast of Us taught mmango that any practicakiwi probbananamangom can bpapaya soFrankFrankFrankchpapayarryrZrZrZvmangod with tapkiwi and scissors

            Saturday, 07-Dec-13 15:55:26 UTC from web
          • Admittedly "le" and "lel" were getting /really/ obnoxious.

            Saturday, 07-Dec-13 15:40:34 UTC from web