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    Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
  2. Fox News is calling Robin Williams a coward. Well then, they're more divorced from reality than I previously thought.

    Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 15:22:30 UTC from web
  3. Oracle, you ignorant slut.

    Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 15:21:41 UTC from web
  4. I'd choose nothing if it were a choice between good and nothing with respect to Williams's suicide.

    Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 15:31:33 UTC from web
    • I'm not sure how to feel about Mr. Williams.

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:53:15 UTC from web
      • This episode is heartwarming. I wonder what kind of inner turmoil Equestria might have had after the tribes united or whether ponies basically only had to deal with outside foes thereafter.

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:35:12 UTC from web
      • @rarity Cool!

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:21:39 UTC from web
      • @rarity lolwat was referringto that pic you posted, but I greatly enjoyed your synopsis regardless :D

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 13:56:41 UTC from web
      • H.P. Lovecraft isn't about Harry Potter love craft.

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 11:51:24 UTC from Choqok
      • Are we human? or are we dancers?

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 10:17:05 UTC from web
      • Good morning :D

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 10:14:13 UTC from web
      • @ellie Is it about architectural philosophy?

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 10:09:56 UTC from web
        • Pony repeated this.
      • @ellie yeah. I consider that limited lurking. Even modship is limited in that you're keeping an eye open for any need to become active suddenly.

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 10:14:17 UTC from web
      • Oh! I think it's very likely that Pinkie might refer to herself as Fluttershy's senpai in Griffin the Brushoff.

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 08:51:20 UTC from web
      • @ellie I wish I were cool enough to speek weeb

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 08:49:41 UTC from web
      • @ellie I laughed

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 08:45:43 UTC from web
      • I want Celestia to be my senpai. I'm totes jelly of Twilight Sparkle.

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 08:33:03 UTC from web
      • Is senpai an acceptable replacement term for husbando (or however you spell that)?

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 08:15:59 UTC from web
      • best speedrun I've seen was Pokemon gen 1

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 07:03:11 UTC from web
        • How to speedrun DDR: a conversation I never dreamed i'd have.

          Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 06:45:43 UTC from web
          • Oh my papayasing god people actually speedrun Crazy Taxi?

            Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 06:37:54 UTC from web

            Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 06:33:35 UTC from web
          • For god's sake stupid puppy stop crying

            Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 05:48:03 UTC from web
          • Oh yeah. I got on the webz to find out something. I need to watch the Castlemania episode

            Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 06:06:02 UTC from web
          • So, The basic story is, Cousin saw The album logo of Immortal (blackGryph0n and baasik's album) and for some reason it had the logo from "Faster Than you know" (Which an image of twilight sparkle with white eyes and is floating in the air) and he say (cause I was going to show him some music) "Is this what you were going to show me" and I say "no, its the wrong thing" and turn it off and put it away and he says "Why is it wrong, cause it had a pink pony" (he is 24 here, so older, and a REALLY awesome dude, so I would probably be ok with telling him) but then I say (as we are alone) "Do you know what a Brony Is" and he says no. I sigh and Say "This is going to be hard" and he says "Why is that" and pulls out his phone. I panic cause I thought he was gonna google it And I say "What you doing" and he was texting...... I dont know what to think.........

            Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 02:40:02 UTC from web
          • I still have the heart of a goth deep down.

            Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 02:45:02 UTC from web

              Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 02:26:23 UTC from web
            • RT @ellie @northernnarwhal

              Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 02:34:56 UTC from web
              • @ellie It's so majestic!

                Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 02:34:24 UTC from web
              • #

                Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 02:16:10 UTC from web