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RDN Refresh is obsolete. Most features are now built into the site.

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  1. I seriously have no idea why !RDNrefresh won't run when the script has literally the same code loaded as it had years ago. I even have a hard copy saved.

    Sunday, 22-May-16 14:41:16 UTC from web
    • Actually I'll just see if I can figure out how to install !RDNrefresh on firefox. Old tools should always be kept for they are reliable on a crisis.

      Sunday, 22-May-16 14:27:43 UTC from web
      • Another pointless one.

        Wednesday, 29-Oct-14 01:50:20 UTC from web
      • I'm actually disappointed neither !rdnrefresh nor !mintrefresh ever had a <marquee>option</marquee>

        Sunday, 16-Jun-13 14:12:15 UTC from web
      • !MintRefresh I'm totally never letting this group die. GUNNA KEEP POSTING IN IT. I miss my baby ;-;

        Sunday, 16-Jun-13 13:59:37 UTC from web
      • Man, reading through !MintRefresh and !RDNRefresh's pages. I miss them. :'(

        Wednesday, 10-Apr-13 07:57:16 UTC from web
        • @widget Apparently !RDNrefresh isn't obsolete after all then!

          Monday, 18-Mar-13 00:22:33 UTC from web
        • [color=pink]:[/color]3

          Wednesday, 06-Feb-13 12:17:43 UTC from web
        • It's time for !sexycrawlas.

          Saturday, 06-Oct-12 00:02:03 UTC from web
        • @ramiel Uh.... change of ownership, maybe some cosmetic stuff, refresh is built-in now instead of needing !RDNrefresh or !MintRefresh, and there's a language filter in place. Think that sums up the changes.

          Thursday, 04-Oct-12 05:06:07 UTC from web
        • @widget There's actually quite a few, I've had many people out-right tell me that my script sucks and it's a wanna be version of yours and that they'll never use it. xD

          Tuesday, 25-Sep-12 05:13:25 UTC from web
        • And the world once again.....knew the safety of Minti was restored.... because he posted.

          Tuesday, 25-Sep-12 03:27:21 UTC from web
        • Enjoying on Rainbow Dash!!

          Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 09:06:58 UTC from web
        • @bronyrd yup! If you'd like an autorefresher for the site I recommend !mintrefresh or !RDNrefresh

          Monday, 17-Sep-12 08:07:01 UTC from web
        • Is there a RDN add-on for chrome where you could change the logo to your personal liking?

          Wednesday, 12-Sep-12 14:18:01 UTC from web
        • Hey guys, @eqdpony doesn't read these right? It's a bot or something right?

          Wednesday, 12-Sep-12 02:15:53 UTC from web
        • How do I install !rdnrefresh or !mintifresh on chrome?

          Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 18:05:22 UTC from web
        • @foxgopher thank you for the welcome! :D

          Friday, 07-Sep-12 20:42:18 UTC from web
        • Dumb portable Firefox. I can't seem to update my !gangsterpoliwrath on the thing. :s

          Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 16:43:28 UTC from web
          • @derpyshy oh my celestial I haven't seen you in ten minutes how are you???? xD

            Monday, 03-Sep-12 22:45:00 UTC from web
          • First post. Hey everypony ^^"

            Saturday, 01-Sep-12 14:34:28 UTC from web
          • I still really have no idea how this site works~ I'm assuming it's like twitter on steroids haha. CORRECT ME!

            Thursday, 30-Aug-12 07:59:53 UTC from web
          • wow, this updates fast, doesn't it?

            Sunday, 26-Aug-12 07:08:19 UTC from web
          • Idk*

            Tuesday, 21-Aug-12 05:34:25 UTC from web
          • !eqdaily Juuuuuust to make sure this syntax works like I think it does to notify the group.

            Saturday, 09-Apr-11 19:22:07 UTC from web
          • Um..hello. It's been a while since I last logged on.

            Sunday, 05-Aug-12 21:14:03 UTC from web
          • Is there anyway I can see new posts without refreshing the page? It's kinda driving me nuts having to constantly refresh the page

            Sunday, 05-Aug-12 01:05:39 UTC from web
          • oh god guys I keep forgeting to refresh the page

            Monday, 30-Jul-12 07:56:20 UTC from web
          • @widget I am doing pretty good. This tagging thing is new to me. You?

            Sunday, 29-Jul-12 06:02:26 UTC from web
          • Ship all of this refreshing >:l

            Thursday, 26-Jul-12 09:07:05 UTC from web