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SURPRISE! You haven't expected that this group exists, or did you? This is the group for all who thinks that Surprise is the best pony. Let's celebrate this very special pony by surprising everyone you know.

Surprise is a G1 pony that Lauren Faust used for her first design for Friendship is Magic.

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  1. [b]More Toywiz 3-Pack Sets Available for Pre-Order[/b]: Toywiz has been posting pre-orders like crazy lately! Tonight they have posted three of the 3-pack pony sets for pre-order on the site which you can see above. Looks like they have quite a diverse set available for sale which you can find altogether on this page . I can't believe the show accurate toys are just around the corner. You know what to do guys, time to show s >

    Wednesday, 27-Jun-12 01:42:07 UTC from Calpain
  2. FiMFictions april fools joke got me, in ALL their stories they renamed fluttershy posey and pinkie pie surprise, their G1 names or something

    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 05:22:42 UTC from web
  3. Random fact. The Pinkie Pie blind bag, when under a blacklight, has the colour scheme of !surprise. Mind=blown when I figured this out. (At least mine did.)

    Monday, 12-Mar-12 00:44:28 UTC from web
    • @ponydude Oh look, !surprise!

      Monday, 12-Mar-12 00:40:18 UTC from web
      • @yuri It's safe. Her and !surprise have both been G4-ified.

        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 06:41:29 UTC from web
        • @mushi *fixes colours* XD

          Friday, 24-Feb-12 23:54:48 UTC from web
        • !mane6 Also Pinkie has a !surprise pallet swap. Me gusta

          Thursday, 23-Feb-12 01:23:41 UTC from web
          • Really needs to get on here more.. Just realised @djmidli is hosting an !ottawabronies Laser Tag thing sometime either in Feb or March :O!

            Friday, 10-Feb-12 20:21:41 UTC from web
          • @kabob34 Hey! Don't knock !surprise and !posey!

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 22:04:32 UTC from web
          • # #

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 03:52:32 UTC from web
          • !surprise is best pony

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 02:14:27 UTC from web
            • I started to use my nickname long before I discovered the show. I was !surprised when I saw the name of this pony for the first time and I liked her instantly. ^_^

              Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 17:58:00 UTC from web
              • !surprise pulls off a classic Roadrunner prank on Pinkie Pie. !art

                Friday, 16-Dec-11 19:47:28 UTC from Choqok
                • Impressive! !Surprise

                  Wednesday, 07-Dec-11 18:04:05 UTC from web
                • Don't want to get up, yet. Had a tear or two. Realizing that I have options to make say an artificial Apple Bloom a reality, but the lifetime and effort involved would grind most of my other lifegoals into dust.

                  Friday, 11-Nov-11 12:08:26 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • @drewdle I think moonprincess was talking about removing some spam groups. Cabal also wanted a purge of useless groups. (And yet, !selectivemoderation is still there.)

                  Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 17:38:06 UTC from web
                • Also Ribbon is best G1 Poney

                  Tuesday, 01-Nov-11 20:49:12 UTC from web
                • @shalabajza The counterpart to !surprise I guess. Pretty sure it's something from G1 that got tweaked for G4.

                  Tuesday, 01-Nov-11 18:27:46 UTC from web
                • !surprise party !art

                  Saturday, 29-Oct-11 12:56:03 UTC from Choqok
                • My !surprise !art is done!

                  Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 22:06:53 UTC from Choqok
                • Did everypony see the new release of desktop ponies? I'm not sure exactly when 1.35 came out, but !surprise!

                  Sunday, 09-Oct-11 03:04:50 UTC from web
                • @rotation @jinny Ah, it's mostly over with now. Just Grandfather passed away at the same time as I started to feel down last month, quite obvious it was just the miss of him. But I wouldn't worry about it now, things SEEM to be picking up.

                  Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 22:36:07 UTC from web
                • @rotation I second this! !Surprise pony is best pony.

                  Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 12:19:43 UTC from Choqok
                • The guy from ask !Surprise is streaming right now

                  Monday, 03-Oct-11 19:44:12 UTC from Choqok
                  • There is a !Surprise group? Why haven't I heard of this before?

                    Monday, 03-Oct-11 19:00:35 UTC from web
                  • Mini avatar update.

                    Monday, 03-Oct-11 18:52:37 UTC from Choqok
                  • @rotation Yesssssss. Oh hey, you and !Surprise have the same colour scheme.

                    Thursday, 29-Sep-11 20:59:02 UTC from web
                  • There's a text message in my drafts box to @rotation, and all it says is "I."

                    Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 10:08:18 UTC from web
                  • No one expects a !surprise

                    Sunday, 25-Sep-11 17:06:44 UTC from Choqok
                  • !surprise I created a group!

                    Sunday, 25-Sep-11 16:48:55 UTC from Choqok