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  • Fluttershy Fan Group fluttershy Fluttershy Fan Group

    Group for fans of Fluttershy. Come and join...I mean, if you want to...

  • Techno-electro-dubstep-whatever Ponies technoponies Techno-electro-dubstep-whatever Ponies

    A group for ponies who like such types of music, especially those awesome 8-bit remixes by http://www.rainbowdash.net/rainbowcrash88

  • Pinkie Pie Fanclub pinkieism Pinkie Pie Fanclub Sugarcube Corner

    Do you like parties? of course you do! if you dont like parties and laughter, you are loco in the coco!

  • Muffin Power! muffins Muffin Power!

    Whether you prefer blueberry, cinnamon, banana, or even sour gummy worm ship muffins, you belong here!

  • The Official DerpyHooves.com Group derpyhoovescentral The Official DerpyHooves.com Group http://www.derpyhooves.com

    Official group of the DerpyHooves.com team, for all your Derpy and Non-Derpy needs.

  • The official Furry group for Bronies furrybronies The official Furry group for Bronies

    All furs are welcome =3 Feel free to take yourself your own pony plush!

  • Otakon Ponies otakon Otakon Ponies Baltimore, MD http://www.otakon.com/

    Otakon is an anime convention held in the Baltimore Convention Center every year, if you plan on attending, join this group! We'll be organizing a Brony meetup there!

  • Lapfox Trax fans! lapfox Lapfox Trax fans! http://www.lapfoxtrax.com/

    Fans of the music produced by Lapfox Trax, whether it be for Renart, The Queenstones, Figurehead, Mayhem, or any other artist there!

  • Equestria Striders equestriastriders Equestria Striders All of Equestria

    Runners who just happen to enjoy a little pony on the side.

  • bronies who happen to be proud owners of snuggies snuggiebronies bronies who happen to be proud owners of snuggies

    If you own a snuggie join this group. Upon doing so you must post what color it is.

  • First Church of Friendship churchoffriendship First Church of Friendship Ponyville

    The First Church of Friendship was founded upon the collaboration between the Church of Celestia and the Cult of Nightmare Moon resulting in a remixing and harmonizing of the faiths towards a common goal! Rules: 1. Tolerate and Love the shit out of everyone! 2. Rule 1, especially when they are hating.

  • Bronies at College/University collegebronies Bronies at College/University Everywhere

    For all you college students out there!

  • The Great & Powerful trixie The Great & Powerful

                                                                                                                                                         Come one, come all!                                                                                                                                                                                                   Come and witness the ama-zing magic of the Grreat and Powerful Trrixie!                                                                                                                                                                                                  Watch in awe as the Great and Powerful Trixie performs the most spectacular feats of magic ever witnessed by pony eyes!                                                                                                                                                     

  • Ponies who Graze <3 touhouponies Ponies who Graze <3 Gensokyo http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/678

    MLP fans who also love Touhou. You can update us on the new Touhou stuff coming up, show us links to downloadable fan games, etc etc

  • Stringed Musical Instrument Ponyfans lyreponies Stringed Musical Instrument Ponyfans The Music Hall, Fillydelphia, Equestria

    For anypony who plays the harp or lyre IRL, this group is for you! In fact, any stringed instrument will do.

  • My Little Podcast: Streaming Is Magic mylittlepodcast My Little Podcast: Streaming Is Magic http://mylittlepodcast.blogspot.com/

    A group for My Little Podcast: Streaming is Magic

  • Extreme Metal Bronies extrememetalbronies Extreme Metal Bronies

    Bronies for fans of the trve, extreme metal! DEATH, BLACK, THRASH, DOOM, AND ALL OTHER EXTREME METAL GENRES!

  • Eric B Club: We're in Space Edition. ericb Eric B Club: We're in Space Edition.

    Oh my.

  • Virginia Tech Bronies virginiatech Virginia Tech Bronies Virginia Tech, VA, USA http://www.vt.edu/

    "That I May Serve [Celestia]" All bronies at VT / Blacksburg

  • Talk to ponies! omegle Talk to ponies! http://www.omegle.com/

    Group for anypony who looks for other potential bronies on Omegle. Link strangers to awesome pony-related YouTube videos, stick subtle references into the conversation, or role-play as FiM characters!