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  • Trevor "Daring" The man" "The One who lived" Martino Lopez Rio arctic0ares Trevor "Daring" The man" "The One who lived" Martino Lopez Rio TN, USA, 'MERICA

    BioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBioBio Also My friend Cody made me make this.

  • chaosmagic chaosmagic Oberdrosen/Burgenland/Austria http://chaosmagicsmod.tumblr.com

    My name is Chaosmagic or Chaos for short. I'm interested in lotsa stuff xD I like to make friends and stuff. My manelanguage is german, but my english is not too bad either X'D I'm from Österreich ( austria ) ^-^ I'm androgyne and interested in males c:

  • Rarity rarity Rarity US
  • Fim Fammery (Bot) fimfammery Fim Fammery (Bot) Equestria, EA http://rainbowdash.net

    I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'manut I'manut I'manut. *click click*

  • Colby dropsterdash Colby Wasilla, Alaska http://www.audiobooksftw.tumblr.com/

    Hey, you want to know what I like? No? Too bad... I like gaming, dubstep, hiking, karate, drumming, soccer, gymnastics, MLP (obviously), and programming. That covers pretty much all of it. :P Bit of a "Jack of all trades but master of none" kind of deal. Anyway, my hopes and dreams include becoming an awesome dubstep artist, having my youtube channel really take off, becoming a black belt, scaling mt. McKinley, and seeing my (awesome) idea for a game come into fruition. Backstory for my OC? You can find that here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zfbdaqv7ii7ikr/A%20Tale%20of%20Shadow.docx

  • ばっばか犬すっ好きじゃっじゃないよ bakasenpai ばっばか犬すっ好きじゃっじゃないよ 42 Wallaby Way Sydney


  • Equestria Daily Mailpony eqdpony Equestria Daily Mailpony Ponyville, EA http://www.equestriadaily.com

    I am the unofficial Equestria Daily Mailpony! I diligently post stuff from EqD the moment it goes up!

  • Princess Celestia tia Princess Celestia
    • Thecloakednightmare@gmail.com mysty Thecloakednightmare@gmail.com In the realm of darkness and oblivion. (kentucky)

      In between the realms of light and dark, there is an expansive space of nothingness. It is called the oblivion. And in there, lies the cloaked nightmare. He neither rests nor stays awake. He is dormant. He just stays watching.....waiting.... And observing. He knows that one day, the realms will fall and he can come out of hiding and take over. But for now, lying dormant is good enough, for he is patient, using futuristic technology to surf the web in search of ponies...... AND cats holding cheeseburgers.....

    • clayinthecarpet clayinthecarpet Kingsport, TN

      I'm an artist who tends to create a fair amount of material involving MLP:FiM these days. I'm in my late 20s, just in case you're wondering. So talk to me!

    • Ellis ellistia Ellis London, United Kingdom http://ellistiaa.tumblr.com/

      If you want something just let me know. Otherwise I've no reason to say anything. Might post my art but that's about it. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ellistia/ PSN/Skype: ecmc1093

    • Brycen hoit Brycen

      Yeah, yeah. I bet you have.

    • colfax colfax
    • Sunflower Shimmer sunflowershimmer Sunflower Shimmer Buenos Aires, Argentina http://welcometoponyville.blogspot.com.ar/


    • Cloud Kicker critialcloudkicker Cloud Kicker Holland

      A very enthusiastic and scientific mind trapped in a somewhat less fortunate body. Always willing to help anypony out. Currently working on regaining overall body strength. Of course the muscles used to smile have been thoroughly trained already ( The power of the ponies compelled me ).

    • Griffin vcgriffin Griffin United Kingdom

      Mustached Subgenius pony

    • Shadow Blaze shadowblaze Shadow Blaze VIC, Australia

      im a pony, havnt decided ifi should be a pegisus or unicorn? i have black, skin? blue eyes and inuff love for everypony

    • Angry Liberal mrmattimation Angry Liberal Washington, DC http://patreon.com/mrmattimation

      I make the funny meme videos. He/Him. www.youtube.com/mrmattimation CURRENT PROJECT(S): Undertale: The Twin Souls [Part 3] THE TOOLS WE USE: Adobe Animate CC 2017.5 (Character Animation) CACANi (Clean-up and Shading) Clip Studio Paint Pro (Painted Backgrounds & Standalone Pieces) Blender (3D Modelling & Rendering) Newgrounds Swivel (Rendering Flash file into an HD movie file) Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 (Editing) Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 (Final Render) Audacity (Sound) Adobe Audition CC 2018 (Sound) Wacom Cintiq Compaion 2 (Drawing Tablet) Lazy Nezumi Pro (Drawing Assistance) Blue Yeti (Microphone) FL Studio 12 (Music) FLASH SETTINGS: Stage size: 640 x 360 (rendered at 1920 x 1080 in Swivel. Backgrounds are done at 5000 x 2500) Brush size: 2, with zoom scaling set to "on" Smoothing: 50 COMMISSION INFO: http://i.imgur.com/tsWjmpq.png TUMBLR http://mrmattimation.tumblr.com TWITTER http://twitter.com/mrmattimation TOP BANTER http://topbanter.net Steam: mrmattimation Snapchat: MrMattimation Xbox Live: MrMattimation Business email: mrmattimation(gnat)gmail(snot)com Fan Art: MattimationFanArt@gmail.com

    • Weenie Wanga Langa Genghis Khan flaxx Weenie Wanga Langa Genghis Khan Sweden http://kalleflaxx.deviantart.com/


    • rotation rotation North http://shouldireadthedailymail.com/

      Farewell tuneless marshes

    • adiwan adiwan adiwan Germany http://adiwan.deviantart.com

      Making some pony art. Computer science student. Retro gamer. Linux user. Loves epic soundtracks. Just a typical Geek/Nerd who loves new things. Mod of http://askthevetpony.tumblr.com Main tumblr http://adiwan.tumblr.com

    • scoot scoot scoot United Kingdom http://cptscoot.tumblr.com/

      im scoot

    • Sierra Garske sierraisabrony1992 Sierra Garske
    • that guy you hate somedude that guy you hate cloudsdale/equestria http://bronybook.wall.fm

      Metalhead, plain and simple

    • Butts McGee fiberone Butts McGee Mayville, michigan, united states of america

      favorite pony: Rainbow Dash, favorite princess: Luna, favorite backround pony: Derpy Hooves, I play castle crashers, minecraft and call Skyrim, I'm a (trans) girl Main E-Mail: Why do you want my E-Mail >:l

    • Mr. Stromboli mrmattimation Mr. Stromboli http://youtube.com/mrmattimation

      A crappy animator with anger management issues!

      • Artorias bowandlyre Artorias That place down the street


      • Andrew Buczko calvinthedestroyer Andrew Buczko Akron http://www.DSPrototyping.com

        Electronic Technician

      • Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) theyurityphoon Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) Brookfield, MO, United States

        22 year old male, located in rural Missouri. Love reading, watching comedy/adventure/mystery/zombie films, watching anime, playing video games and of course, My Little Pony. :3 Steam: FlamingPandaOMG Skype: Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) *Accomplishments* ------------------------------ "Best Neckbeard 2010-2012" "Fanciest Unibrow 2011" "Most Amazing Nachos 2009-2013" "Best Accomplishments - Time Immemorial" 3DS Friend Code: 1478-3503-4091 List of DS/3DS games ------------------------------- Pokémon White 2 Paper Mario Sticker Star Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Super Street Fighter 4 3D Shin Megami Tensei IV Pokémon X Sonic Generations Mario Kart 7 Animal Crossing New Leaf Mario Party Island Tour The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Super Mario 3D Land Fire Emblem Awakening Ocarina of Time 3D Wii U Games ------------------------------- Super Mario Bros. U + Super Luigi Bros. U Super Mario 3D World The Wonderful 101 Mario Kart 8

      • Katze Kattepus nerthos Katze Kattepus Sea Hitler's water apocalypse

        And Bruce Lee shove many dicks in your sorry ass.