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  1. I am moving to GA soon and will only know my wife and child. It would be nice to meet some like-minded people.

    Friday, 30-Jun-17 18:52:15 UTC from web
    • can somepony help

      Saturday, 05-Dec-15 22:56:35 UTC from web
      • hey guys I need help

        Saturday, 05-Dec-15 22:50:38 UTC from web
      • I have an idea that I'd like to say to everyone. I know that a lot of bronies and pegasisters have been wanting an my little pony convention here in Georgia. So I was thinking, why don't we just make our own mlp convention here in Atlanta, Georgia? It could start small, and we could work our way up to becoming bigger. Momocon started off like that, even dragoncon start off like that, and all the other brony and mlp conventions started off like that, and grew into something big, and I know that we can do the same here in Atlanta Georgia. We are all creative and smart, and a proud and strong community, so surly we could do the same. I know we all could do it if we all work together. I hope there are others who feel the same for this idea. If you do, let me know. I know we all cane do it.

        Friday, 24-Jul-15 02:32:37 UTC from web
      • I check the site every now and again but it seems everyone is gone

        Friday, 13-Mar-15 23:23:26 UTC from web
      • is there seriously no one here anymore?

        Sunday, 01-Feb-15 02:03:17 UTC from web
      • sadly i have still, yet, to meet another irony in atlanta :(

        Friday, 30-Jan-15 17:50:30 UTC from web
      • Anyone around grant park? I live like a block away from the zoo.

        Friday, 30-Jan-15 07:28:03 UTC from web
        • So...looks like the last active chat was months ago. Anypony still here?

          Tuesday, 13-Jan-15 00:03:27 UTC from web
        • My class is going to New York in January. I hope I don't get mugged.

          Friday, 10-Oct-14 19:35:32 UTC from web
        • I'm not like those other, spaghetti-dropping bronies. I have /lasagna/ in *my* pockets!

          Friday, 10-Oct-14 19:02:16 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • Since when does "Social Justice Warrior" basically mean "person who very actively has his/her own agenda and tries to rile people up" ?

          Friday, 10-Oct-14 18:41:07 UTC from web
        • I just blew a month of saved up cash on a Wii U. Sm4sh and Bayonetta better be good

          Friday, 10-Oct-14 18:15:56 UTC from web
          • Using the word dank is not appropriate to describe cold pizza

            Friday, 10-Oct-14 12:35:39 UTC from web
          • Skipping school because I'm a bad boy.

            Friday, 10-Oct-14 12:40:31 UTC from web
          • Oh and the first person to suggest we can improve the sites culture just by banning someone gets to be kicked in the face.

            Thursday, 09-Oct-14 13:35:49 UTC from web
          • The feeling of relief from taking your shoes off

            Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:46:58 UTC from web
          • Is it too much a stretch to ask who is John Galtz?

            Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:34:22 UTC from web
          • Do a little dance. Make a little love. # tonight.

            Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:34:05 UTC from web
          • After 3 years of college I can sufficiently say that if I graduate with anything it will be a degree in wasting time

            Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:34:12 UTC from web
          • Do you have any TP?

            Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:23:36 UTC from web
          • @madflavors Holy dole Madflavors came back

            Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:15:14 UTC from web
          • The only anime I watch

            Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 19:13:23 UTC from web
          • Winrars don't do drugs

            Saturday, 04-Oct-14 05:10:57 UTC from web
          • Ebola isn't very scary when you consider the fact that Texas probably executes everyone unfit to live.

            Friday, 03-Oct-14 16:19:43 UTC from web
          • Thanks rain

            Friday, 03-Oct-14 16:19:39 UTC from web
            • They don't know bout my dunkaroos

              Friday, 03-Oct-14 14:54:13 UTC from web
            • Yoloswag420blazeitfriendos

              Friday, 03-Oct-14 07:19:04 UTC from web
            • Colored rainbow horses still a thing?

              Friday, 03-Oct-14 07:31:48 UTC from web
            • i'm too tired to be awake but smash hype

              Friday, 03-Oct-14 07:14:53 UTC from web