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  1. go here for a free steam key http://rainbowdash.net/url/796748

    Wednesday, 29-Oct-14 16:04:58 UTC from web
    • looking to play a good Pony RP server in gmod?

      Tuesday, 28-Oct-14 18:51:46 UTC from web

      Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
    • "Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled?"

      Sunday, 10-Aug-14 22:33:50 UTC from web
    • Do robots even have genders?

      Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:11:33 UTC from web
    • @admin ahaha.

      Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:07:15 UTC from web
      • New Minecraft server, eh? A couple new things around here, I guess. ;p

        Sunday, 20-Apr-14 02:58:28 UTC from web
      • >.>

        Sunday, 20-Apr-14 02:53:39 UTC from web
      • !steam http://outsetinitiative.deviantart.com/art/Air-A-Skin-for-Steam-410288247 What a beautiful skin

        Monday, 17-Mar-14 07:22:36 UTC from web
        • Hey RDN-- I need to find a really good fanfiction with Twilight as a lead. Any suggestions?

          Wednesday, 05-Mar-14 06:25:31 UTC from web
        • ohai guy- what the hell., @forestrain is here!

          Saturday, 01-Feb-14 22:01:59 UTC from web
        • Actually, I've been working on a song with Turquoise Splash that I'm trying to get out soon. You guys can preview if y'like. ^.^ http://ur1.ca/gjn9d

          Saturday, 01-Feb-14 21:55:10 UTC from web
        • @snowcone lol, I always have used 'em. ^.^

          Saturday, 01-Feb-14 21:54:04 UTC from web
        • I mean I'm stopping the crusade against people who want to join SBN, but it most certainly is not more active than this place.

          Tuesday, 26-Nov-13 15:36:50 UTC from web
        • !phillybronies Hey Philly Bronies! I am a new member of the group and was just wondering something. I, along with you I would bet, have been vigorously waiting for the new season of MLP to come out. I was informed that there would be a meetup of the Philly Bronies on Nov. 23 to view it as a group. If this information is correct, I would like to to know the address and time of the meetup so I will be able to attend. Thanks

          Thursday, 07-Nov-13 01:57:55 UTC from web
          • !phillybronies Is anyone from Deleware County? I've been pretty lonely down here. I can't seem to find anyone close.

            Thursday, 24-Oct-13 16:05:10 UTC from web at 39°52'56"N 75°23'35"W
            • !phillybronies Anyone here from Delaware county? Been feeling pretty lonely around here.

              Thursday, 10-Oct-13 01:14:01 UTC from web
            • @vt3c Get Burnout Paradise for PC and we can race and junk.

              Sunday, 18-Aug-13 08:14:48 UTC from web
            • !steam Discorded Bluenote. You'd better watch your back.

              Saturday, 29-Jun-13 21:40:02 UTC from web
            • @oracle Moi there is a !steam group

              Sunday, 09-Jun-13 02:28:34 UTC from web
              • !bcbronies !everfreeradio New Speedy and Stretch is out with my work on the Dead or Alive cover's music video! Like to thank the Crebers for allowing me to work with them on this over the past week! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZI2d6-ZACs

                Monday, 11-Feb-13 04:01:24 UTC from web
                • Who else actually has a Steam, out of interest?

                  Sunday, 10-Feb-13 20:02:47 UTC from web
                • !everfreeradio Reminder: Speedy and Stretch Episode 3 will premiere 9PM CST Saturday on Everfree Network! I had a part in making this episode, so keep your eyes peeled!

                  Saturday, 09-Feb-13 10:03:05 UTC from web
                  • !steam beta has a web client for Chat - accessible via "Friend Activity" http://i.minus.com/iSdrfIAr5fJvW.png

                    Saturday, 26-Jan-13 10:43:03 UTC from web
                  • http://i.minus.com/i6tey1MLg7KdM.png Certainly wasn't expecting to find this in !steam's Linux Games tab today!

                    Friday, 25-Jan-13 07:40:10 UTC from web
                  • And now, to go pickup pizza. ^.^

                    Saturday, 12-Jan-13 20:33:11 UTC from web
                  • @vt3c ^.^ Hope you enjoy my stuff~

                    Saturday, 12-Jan-13 20:31:58 UTC from web
                  • @vt3c Thank you! ^.^ If you want to get lost in a narration for the next several days, check out Upheaval: Breaking Point. ;p

                    Saturday, 12-Jan-13 20:20:44 UTC from web
                  • @forestrain is back? :D

                    Saturday, 12-Jan-13 19:34:24 UTC from MayonnaiseHD
                  • > Currently waiting for someone to show up and buy my trumpet.

                    Saturday, 12-Jan-13 19:19:52 UTC from web