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  • American Ponies ameriponies American Ponies America

    Ponies For America!

  • Southern California Bronies socalbronies Southern California Bronies California http://www.meetup.com/SoCalBronies/

    A group for the bronies in Southern California.

  • Fluttershy Fan Group fluttershy Fluttershy Fan Group

    Group for fans of Fluttershy. Come and join...I mean, if you want to...

  • Techno-electro-dubstep-whatever Ponies technoponies Techno-electro-dubstep-whatever Ponies

    A group for ponies who like such types of music, especially those awesome 8-bit remixes by http://www.rainbowdash.net/rainbowcrash88

  • Applejack Fan Club applejack Applejack Fan Club

    Free apples for everypony!

  • Video Game Ponies! videogameponies Video Game Ponies!

    A group for all the ponies who enjoy playing video games! From FPS to RPG to RTS!

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi, & Trans Ponies lgbt Lesbian, Gay, Bi, & Trans Ponies

    A place where LGBT My Little Pony fans come together. Join us, we have rainbows in our cookies!

  • Bronies at College/University collegebronies Bronies at College/University Everywhere

    For all you college students out there!

  • Californian Bronies californians Californian Bronies CA, USA

    A group for all the bronies from all nooks and crannies of California.

  • Fans of cats cats Fans of cats

    A group for bronies who love cats

  • Red vs Blue fans rvb Red vs Blue fans http://roosterteeth.com/home.php

    If you like Red vs Blue then this group is for you

  • Rainbow Dash Network Users everypony Rainbow Dash Network Users ALL ACROSS ECKWESTRIA

    A group for all those who use the RBD network! Basically it's for everypony here. Join for updates that pertain to everypony.

  • LA Bronies labronies LA Bronies Los Angeles, California

    A little group for the SoCal bronies who want to meet and great other bronies and discuss friendship and the magic qualities it may posses.

  • Tumblrers tumblr Tumblrers http://www.tumblr.com/

    a group for all ponies and bronies that are on tumblr.

  • CalifornianBronies calbronies CalifornianBronies California, United States

    ALL Bronies of California UNITED !

  • Cerulean International Assistance. cia Cerulean International Assistance.

    Cerulean Spark seems to have a crappy job, and we think that he shouldn't have to put up with the abuse that he gets.

  • Hugs hugs Hugs Everywhere you could possibly imagine

    We all could use one sometime or another. :3

  • Christmas snail mail greetings christmassnailmailgreetings Christmas snail mail greetings Everywhere the postal system works

    'tis the season to show the magic of friendship in traditional ways! The aim of this group is to organise so that all members receive at least one festive christmas letter full of care, friendship and seasonal joy! Members must commit one real world postal address to me, via DM, as well as commit to writing a letter to another member (to be chosen by whatever wacky system I devise, but it'll probably involve dice.).

  • Cerulean Spark cerulean Cerulean Spark Under da Sea

    The hunk of the Sea, and an all around sweller guy.(Haha, boner joke.)

  • The Lurkers of RDN lurk The Lurkers of RDN RDN

    For those that aren't posting, but can't get off of RDN.