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  • powermetalponies powermetalponies powermetalponies

    A group for the ponies who love the most powerful genre of metal

  • Michigan Bronies mibronies Michigan Bronies Michigan

    A social and meetup group for Michigan bronies!

  • 3DS Ponies 3dspony 3DS Ponies http://www.rainbowdash.net/group/videogameponies

    Sub group for Video Game Ponies. Posting a friend code for the 3DS? Join this group so others can see!

  • Musical ponies! musicals Musical ponies!

    This is a group for all ponies who enjoy musicals and or like to Razzle Dazzle everyone.

  • Hug Cavatina! hugcavatina Hug Cavatina!

    Cavatina always deserves hugs. Now there's a group about it!

  • Trans-ponies transponies Trans-ponies

    a special group for trasexual and transgender ponies. love and tolerate! were here for your support.

  • Blame the new mod blamenerthos Blame the new mod Some place, in some apartment in some country far away from the good continent

    It's always his fault. Blame the kid from the other side of the world.The one with all of those swords. Common problems: 404. 502, 801, 777, unplugs your internet cable, filters everything you post.

  • Lightning Dust Fan Group leadpony Lightning Dust Fan Group

    Group for all things Lighning Dust

  • Livestreamers of RDN streamers Livestreamers of RDN

    A group for anyone who streams to promote themself.

  • People And/Or Ponies Who Prefer to Eat Instant Ramen Noodles Outside In the Winter With a Spoon While Doing a Handstand eatrameninthecoldwhileupsidedown People And/Or Ponies Who Prefer to Eat Instant Ramen Noodles Outside In the Winter With a Spoon While Doing a Handstand

    I don't even know any more.

  • Twitch.tv emotes on RDN! twitchfaces Twitch.tv emotes on RDN! http://lyrawearspants.com/twitchemotes.user.js

    Install Tampermonkey for Chrome or Greasemonkey/Scriptish for Firefox and click the link to get Twitch faces for RDN! Go here for how to do the faces http://pastebin.com/Tkn1XSxx

  • SaltyBet Bronies saltybet SaltyBet Bronies the Salt Mines http://www.Saltybet.com

    Let's watch MUGEN matches and bet fake money! Message RedEnchilada, Rarity, or FlamingpandaOMG to get into the Skype group.

  • Cockatrice cockatrice Cockatrice http://cockatrice.renzokuken.org

    For MTG players on RDN http://rainbowdash.net/notice/2941841 use the links on this post to get started.

  • Linguistics, Language Creators and Enthusiasts! linguistics Linguistics, Language Creators and Enthusiasts!

    This is a group for people who are fond of linguistics, study it, have created languages of their own or just enthusiastic about learning how other people around the world speak!

  • Groupbloat groupbloat Groupbloat

    A group for groups that already exist or have no business existing.

  • Ross Go Outside hikerross Ross Go Outside anywhere outside Ross' home

    Think of something! Hike, bike, ski, skip, walk, talk, ANYTHING JUST GO OUTSIDE ROSS

  • The RDN Mining Team rdnminers The RDN Mining Team

    A group for updates to the people Cerulean has enlisted to mine cryptocurrencies to help fund RDN

  • The RDN Advertising Project rdnads The RDN Advertising Project