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  1. BronyCon swag! Detail shots here:

    Sunday, 03-Aug-14 22:28:53 UTC from web
  2. I've decided that my opinion is so important that I should post a links to it on Hello! Network.
    Maybe #

    Friday, 20-Jun-14 14:51:43 UTC from web
  3. @smilingjack I think there was a second fan name, but I don't recall it if there was.

    Tuesday, 19-Nov-13 12:40:01 UTC from web
  4. @oracle tap the menu button and you can choose public timeline. It's not the default.

    Sunday, 13-Oct-13 23:50:16 UTC from web
  5. !lol

    Monday, 19-Aug-13 21:56:55 UTC from web
    • !lol

      Saturday, 03-Aug-13 01:02:06 UTC from web
    • @randompony coolie

      Friday, 14-Jun-13 01:14:36 UTC from web
    • "if you keep playing like this, i'm gonna have to call your parents"

      Monday, 20-May-13 15:18:40 UTC from web
    • LOL

      Thursday, 16-May-13 08:06:19 UTC from Choqok
    • Hello Everypony! Havent been here in a while!

      Monday, 11-Mar-13 06:39:37 UTC from web
    • @tolderian I never used FB until I became a brony !lol

      Friday, 08-Mar-13 20:13:45 UTC from web
      • @boltaction !lol

        Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:48:51 UTC from web
      • !bestgame

        Saturday, 02-Feb-13 01:41:36 UTC from web
      • @thatonestocking @pinkamenadainepie I knew it too! I haven't even read the whole thing. !lol *gives self cookie*

        Friday, 11-Jan-13 19:38:59 UTC from web
      • I like titles of things that have exclamation marks in them.

        Monday, 10-Dec-12 15:33:21 UTC from web
      • @thatonestocking That makes me annoyed.. dumb writers.

        Monday, 12-Nov-12 23:57:38 UTC from web
      • I finally watched season 3, so I feel as if I accomplished something today, so I'm going to beddy bies.

        Monday, 12-Nov-12 08:07:21 UTC from web
      • eeeeyup

        Saturday, 27-Oct-12 10:08:31 UTC from web
      • Holy ****! 6:30am and 20 minutes with no new notices. Ho-ly ****! Have some Spike being Link apparently being Nicolas Cage. (protip; read it in Nicolas Cage's voice for full effect)

        Friday, 26-Oct-12 13:37:34 UTC from web
      • Why don't we just legalize pot and use the massive Keebler cookie sales to justify it. It's a win/win for Wall Street.

        Monday, 22-Oct-12 06:34:59 UTC from web
      • # Pinkie Pie starts running a circus but finds herself with no time for her friends. The episode ends with her running away from the circus and joining the other circus that Fluttershy and Scootaloo are in.

        Thursday, 18-Oct-12 06:55:19 UTC from web
      • Give me fimfic writing prompts. GO

        Tuesday, 16-Oct-12 00:11:42 UTC from web
      • And then... silence...

        Saturday, 13-Oct-12 08:42:09 UTC from web
      • There should be a national talk-like-minti day. it's easy! Just append everything you say with !xD !

        Saturday, 13-Oct-12 07:02:45 UTC from web

        Thursday, 11-Oct-12 11:23:39 UTC from web
      • I'm bored and just rummaging through my screenshots folder, and listening to Meat Boy music. xD

        Monday, 08-Oct-12 02:50:05 UTC from web
      • It's almost as if you people have never played Luigi's Mansion before.

        Sunday, 23-Sep-12 05:42:01 UTC from web
      • # posting ... @#pics

        Saturday, 22-Sep-12 09:52:48 UTC from web
      • @pseudoartiste I request to see your OC picture!!!

        Sunday, 16-Sep-12 01:05:35 UTC from web
      • Yay! Measurement-system-discussion! My favourite!

        Thursday, 13-Sep-12 09:26:33 UTC from MuSTArDroid