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  1. And So I viewed everyone on this site, and thus I declared it good.

    about 10 months ago from web
  2. ice ice baby

    about 11 months ago from web
  3. Munches on dinner while scrolls through the chat 8-Q *3---

    Tuesday, 08-Jan-19 00:45:05 UTC from web
  4. @mono They'll unionise, and then everybody wins.

    Tuesday, 08-Jan-19 00:40:34 UTC from loadaverage.org
  5. You guys MAY want to update your SSL cert.

    Friday, 31-Aug-18 02:16:18 UTC from web
  6. Hello all. Thoughts on FOSTA?

    Friday, 13-Apr-18 02:22:55 UTC from web
  7. Hell, I was dreaming in code when I launched !EquestrianDawn

    Monday, 10-Apr-17 02:48:44 UTC from web
    • Look how mature this website has gotten! I love you all!

      Sunday, 05-Mar-17 16:31:03 UTC from web
    • @yodelerty Wakes you up :P

      Sunday, 07-Feb-16 02:48:19 UTC from web
    • Holiday Greetings!

      Tuesday, 22-Dec-15 13:45:42 UTC from web
    • Well, I've been google image searching maps of Ponyville so that I can properly map out exactly where the locations of My Little Brony are, and I found more than one image that links back to RDN.

      Saturday, 22-Aug-15 03:06:58 UTC from web
    • Woomy Network? :/ What happened? lol

      Monday, 20-Jul-15 00:35:56 UTC from web
    • there should be an RDN-hosted MUSH

      Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:32:44 UTC from web
    • My People! :D

      Monday, 30-Mar-15 22:55:45 UTC from web
      • Hehe... Green.

        Wednesday, 18-Mar-15 01:54:03 UTC from web
      • How is everyone today?

        Tuesday, 17-Mar-15 14:40:46 UTC from web
      • Also, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

        Tuesday, 17-Mar-15 14:52:56 UTC from web
      • Anyway, I thought I pop in to let you know that I have been invited to DJ on the trotsdale sim in SL at 10 PST. You are all invited.

        Tuesday, 17-Mar-15 14:52:40 UTC from web
        • pokes

          Tuesday, 17-Mar-15 14:39:26 UTC from web
        • Me pokes

          Tuesday, 02-Dec-14 19:07:37 UTC from web
          • Let's not even start about how I've seen the game under my eyelids the last three nights

            Saturday, 27-Sep-14 03:38:18 UTC from web
          • What is going on here?

            Friday, 08-Aug-14 12:18:02 UTC from web
            • Yes, mistress. http://santagiera.deviantart.com/art/Let-it-BURN-472788105 !Celestia !bestpony

              Sunday, 03-Aug-14 23:00:49 UTC from web
            • "Good morning, Apple World!"

              Sunday, 03-Aug-14 12:44:22 UTC from web
            • Yawns. Then pokes around.

              Sunday, 03-Aug-14 12:44:56 UTC from web
            • I want to leave a load of pointless groups, but who knows when I'll next need !honk or !aeiou or !dangerzone?

              Friday, 04-Jul-14 14:24:31 UTC from web
            • @snowcone Yes she is! !Celestia

              Monday, 16-Jun-14 05:48:29 UTC from web
            • !celestia is nit best pone but IS SECOND BETS PRONCESS!

              Friday, 13-Jun-14 08:05:36 UTC from web
            • @oracle The main group I wanna admin is !Celestia

              Friday, 13-Jun-14 08:04:07 UTC from web
            • And as always, until next time, Rainbow Dash Network. Until next time.

              Friday, 06-Jun-14 12:25:09 UTC from web