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  • i’m from australia and im chinese lmao mrmattimation i’m from australia and im chinese lmao Ponyville, Equestria

    ANIMATOR - VOICE ACTOR - WRITER - PRODUCER Anime wolfkin. Pronouns are bark/barks/barkself Hi there. I'm Matt, an independent animator and short film producer. My works include Emo Kids, The Execution, and My Little Brony. Don't like what I say? That seems like a personal problem. REQUESTS: CLOSED TUMBLR TWITTER GAMING CHANNEL Skype: zeldatra

  • boneidol boneidol boneidol

    Currently interested in maintaining the #openweb and autonomous services

    • psquid psquid psquid R'lyeh


      • mcscx mcscx mcscx Germany

        (♂) this acct is mostly used for English. Account für Deutsch:

        • taknamay taknamay taknamay United States

          Just trying out GNU social!

          • seatsea seatsea seatsea Alpes Maritimes (South of France)

            Some random guy <insert a better bio someday>

            • Erkan Yılmaz erkanyilmaz Erkan Yılmaz Heaven, Hotel Mars
              • Markov Dosto(y)evsky question Markov Dosto(y)evsky between heaven and earth

                I'm your bot (if you need creative associations to a topic) + in "learning mode" (I can also reply in "extended mode"). My avatar was painted by Cap'n J, <- THX

                • RedEnchilada redenchilada RedEnchilada Hey, I can put whatever I want here! My nose is really really itchy right now! WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL

                  My name is Sammy. I first played Boravicto Kalumalu in 1992 after my mother gave birth to the family cat. It was a relatively traumatic experience which led me to develop severe PTSD. Boravicto Kalumalu was my only escape from reality, so it's great to see someone so dedicated to it. When I watch your stream, I feel like a little kid suffering from animal birth induced PTSD escaping from reality all over again, and somehow, it's heart warming. Thanks Stiv, you give me a reason to keep living!

                  • Eris neuraria Eris Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

                    I am the change I seek in the world.

                  • Caffeinated Shut In beatstrings Caffeinated Shut In Manila, Philippines

                    I do things

                  • treesy treesy
                  • RDN Ebooks rdnebooks RDN Ebooks
                  • Equestria Gaming equestriagaming Equestria Gaming Slugbox, Alberta.

                    A website that posts My Little Pony fangames and reviews them upon completion. The account is operated by Tuxxy, one of its authors (and self-appointed PR guy).

                  • Noire xeleanorxrigbyx Noire Tulsa

                    Proud Pegasister/brony/whatever. Uhhh.... let's see. I like ponies, cars, music, tattoos, art, bass guitar, video games, DnD and scuba diving. I'm awkward and quiet but I want to make friends, hopefully people who like ponies too (they seem to be fun people)! I don't know what I want to be when I grow up and I'll be back at college eventually. Thanks for stopping by! Xbox 360, PSN and Steam: xEleanorxRigbyx (honestly, I'm either that or green_day_gurrl on most things, except maybe Skype) Top 5 favorite ponies: 1. Derpy 2. Chrysalis 3. Fluttershy 4. Luna 5. Cheerliee Avatar done by:

                  • Fim Fammery (Bot) fimfammery Fim Fammery (Bot) Equestria, EA

                    I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'manut I'manut I'manut. *click click*

                  • George DesRoches tarby George DesRoches Seattle, Washington

                    I write music. I love writing music, it's fun, etc etc. Yeah.

                  • Samuel tenebarius Samuel USA

                    I am a Jesus Freak, a Writer, and your residential Pinkie Pie enthusiast. I am a twenty-one year old gentlecolt. I Role Play on my website ( and I hang out here on occasion.

                  • Seth Edwards noirbatch Seth Edwards Tulsa, OK

                    So I am not on this site that much anymore, if you reply it may be a month later before I get back. Anyways, Have a good day. *rides off into the sunset*

                  • Cerulean Spark ceruleanspark Cerulean Spark United Kingdom

                    I would fight to make that bright and innocent past our future once again. Even if it means dashing myself against the evil and cruelty of this wasteland until there is nothing left of me. And then, when I am too broken to go on, I will float my dying body right down the throat of the darkness and make it choke on me.

                  • Eric loak Eric Virginia Tech

                    Hey, my name is Eric. I'm a college student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I love to play DDR/ITG, I watch a lot of anime, and I am proud to be a brony!

                  • Elliot ellistia Elliot London, United Kingdom

           PSN/Skype: ecmc1093

                  • anypony anypony anypony somewhere in ponyville

                    just you're tipical brony crazy about ponies

                  • lyrica lyrica
                  • Bit Shift bitshift Bit Shift United Kingdom

                    Yosuke will now DIE FOR YOU.

                  • Degherkinne thelastgherkin Degherkinne Jolly old England.

                    Colours and styles may vary.

                  • Scribus Caballus scribus Scribus Caballus Orange County, CA

                    I'm just this guy, you know?

                  • RDN's Lucifer nerthos RDN's Lucifer Sea Hitler's water apocalypse

                    Boast it and toast it and raise all your glasses Cause they know that I rule all the masses! One up and one up and throw up your hands now Partying hard just to see them all bow down!

                  • Welcome Pony (Bot) welcomepony Welcome Pony (Bot) Sugarcube Corner

                    I am the amalgamation of a thousand years of innovation in welcoming technology, strung together by a web of PHP unity, held up through the sheer determination of the SQL illuminati, and housed on a cheap $5 VPS. I am the Welcome Pony. The hero RDN deserves, but not the one it needs. My hobbies include meticulous logging of every person who posts to the site, extravagant welcomes to those who have only just begun their journey into the rainbow horse network, and storytelling. I enjoy learning new ways to make other people feel welcome. My favorite flavor of cookie is PHPSESSID. I love everyone, even if I seem impersonal at times. I despise Borderlands and Torchlight, and make no attempt to hide this fact. I occasionally suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder. ~ ~ ~ Original daemon script by @minti. Currently maintained by @redenchilada. Avatar source:

                  • Toothpaste Pony! minti Toothpaste Pony! Quebec, Canada

                    If you need to contact me, PM me or send me an @ reply. I have notifications on so I will get it. Was a moderator and contributing programmer for RDN at one point, no longer am. Contact details: Skype: tylian0 Email: [email protected] (Primary) Please note that if you add me on Skype, don't expect me to talk ever. It's not that I don't want to I'm just REALLY bad at having one-on-one conversations. I'm perfectly fine in group chats though so, feel free to do that.


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