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  1. looks like it was made for @mushi

    about 7 hours ago from web
  2. Generally when I'm playing games elements my priorities go in this order:
    This isn't to say the ones lower don't add to a game, but a game with strong gameplay and weak visuals can stand on its own merits a lot more than the reverse of that.

    about 3 days ago from MuSTArDroid
  3. we all know the true hero behind Advanced Warfare's success

    about 2 days ago from web
  4. what the

    about 5 days ago from web
    • what the hell i've had hiccups for like 6 hours

      about 6 days ago from web
    • Here's the coding in case anybody's curious. Every single moveclip there has this coding.

      //start random color code
      onClipEvent (load) {
      myColor = Math.round(Math.random()*0xFFFFFF);
      myColoredObject = new Color(this);

      about 8 days ago from web
    • I know I haven't been here long enough but... is it just my timing or are there literally almost no conversations about ponies in here whatsoever?

      about 11 days ago from web
    • Well RDN, it's been a great 5 months but I'm afraid I'll be leaving now. It's not for anything any of you has done, my life has just taken a direction where I don't have time to be invested and I won't be able to for... well a long while. I will still be available via Skype on an individual basis and you are free to get my e-mail address from Ellie. I'd like to leave the people I spent time with some notes, and I apologize for the amount of text about to show up on your screens.

      @mastertdi You're a great kid- you are very loyal and get so invested. I really would love to get it through you head that you can in fact do whatever it is you'd like, and that you do have some amazing qualities that you let shine. Also, plenty of your jokes have been 10/10 and the lels were had.

      @spots You're one of the smartest youngins I've ever met. Keep drawing, and stay grounded. You're going places. Also fak u too.


      about 11 days ago from web
    • Looking forward to setting up my mums new computer tomorrow. We've had the same home computer for like 10 years, and it was preowned. Never upgraded or anything. Needless to say its unbearably slow doing pretty much anything now and its gonna be such a relief to get a new one.

      about 11 days ago from web
    • Fun quiz. How long has it been since you first came to this site? Im maybe 2 years?

      about 12 days ago from web
    • I need another vacation

      about 12 days ago from web
    • well, everything that doesn't involve genitals

      about 12 days ago from web
    • Man, last time my tablet was plugged into my pc was like... november. :|

      about 12 days ago from web
    • Wow, I've heard a lot about Crypt of the Necrodancer over the last few months, but only just now saw gameplay of it. It looks ridiculous, in a good way.

      about 12 days ago from web
      • So yeah, amiibo levelling is fun. I wonder how high it goes.

        about 12 days ago from web
      • Think the promoted notices messed up a bit

        about 13 days ago from web
      • Got Link amiibo.

        about 13 days ago from web
      • what is your guys' favorite DS games? # #

        about 13 days ago from web
      • SL1 Four Kings is my idea of a completely un-enjoyable challenge.

        about 14 days ago from web
        • Presentation went OK I think. Didn't really forget anything, but man did i stutter a hell of a lot.

          about 15 days ago from web
        • oh lord I just remembered how many times people said I looked like Frodo back in primary school. It was goddamn irritating.

          about 15 days ago from web
        • I wanna say I could sort of pull of a young Daniel Day Lewis with my beard when I grow it but that would be flattering myself WAY too much

          about 15 days ago from web
        • man, planning what to say for a 3 minute presentation is harder than it sounds, I thnk I got it down though

          about 15 days ago from web
        • anyone want to pretend to like me for a bit and talk to me

          about 16 days ago from web
        • I'd say it's still pretty valid

          about 16 days ago from web
        • Well, with my prospectus for my final year project done that's another wave of stress out of the way. Pretty relieved I can kinda relax tomorrow besides preparing for the pitch presentation I have to do for the project on tuesday.

          about 16 days ago from web
        • haha that was a year ago

          about 16 days ago from web
          • Endless scrolling on Tumblr makes it pretty frustrating to find old posts

            about 16 days ago from web

            about 16 days ago from web
            • I'll get back to work

              about 17 days ago from web


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