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  1. That was a good hotdog

    about 9 months ago from web
    • @boco @dolus You're gonna be real surprised when you see my monster dong.

      about a year ago from
    • Gettin' my hands nerdy !nolife

      about a year ago from web
    • Gonna re-write my QBASIC mouse breeding program from my last college English class as my first official C project. !coderponies

      about a year ago from web
      • So now that I have internet-free time, I'm telling myself to learn C and make a Turbografx 16 homebrew game. !coderponies !vgp #

        about a year ago from web
      • think he's just mad this site lasted longer than his

        Sunday, 16-Oct-16 05:04:12 UTC from web
      • Should I seriously be trying a pacifist run my first time through Undertale?

        Tuesday, 11-Oct-16 23:15:27 UTC from web
      • happy birthday @mushi

        Saturday, 16-Jul-16 20:23:53 UTC from web
        • I just remembered back in school when the other kids would insist the show "Arthur" was called "Hey Arthur" like how stupid can you even be

          Friday, 17-Jun-16 18:29:40 UTC from web
        • is autorefresh broken for anyone else?

          Sunday, 09-Mar-14 18:18:22 UTC from web
        • I kinda hate this page first nobody talks about mlp accept me second I need to refresh every 5 minutes to get messages and third there's no rp here

          Saturday, 21-May-16 21:03:26 UTC from web
        • The game is now somewhat playable! (WASD=move enter=dash)

          Wednesday, 11-May-16 02:52:21 UTC from web
        • if I end up picking Litten I'm naming it Charfield

          Tuesday, 10-May-16 18:21:39 UTC from web
        • Fennekin is the best OK.

          Tuesday, 10-May-16 18:03:45 UTC from web
        • Hi, I just moved to the area.

          Sunday, 10-Apr-16 21:57:12 UTC from web
        • Also holy knish the mobile ui is wonky on my phone

          Thursday, 31-Mar-16 06:51:22 UTC from web
          • butt

            Thursday, 31-Mar-16 00:55:55 UTC from web
          • And of course, the best shirts they come out with are only available in women's and youth sizes ;_;

            Thursday, 31-Mar-16 03:27:32 UTC from web
          • I sure love me some C# tho... (Any Unity devs up in here?)

            Sunday, 20-Mar-16 22:50:31 UTC from web
          • the mini game in Twilight Princess where you have to talk to 20 cats is obviously the best mini game in the series

            Thursday, 10-Mar-16 21:43:41 UTC from web
          • Meow! What fun, meow!

            Thursday, 10-Mar-16 21:45:13 UTC from web
            • I liked the Oracle games tbh

              Sunday, 06-Mar-16 04:13:42 UTC from web

              Friday, 04-Mar-16 23:53:42 UTC from web
            • !coderpony $45 but if you can get this book used, it's a fun read if you like art, programming and geometry.

              Friday, 04-Mar-16 22:04:23 UTC from
              • *appears then disappears* whoosh

                Sunday, 28-Feb-16 04:43:20 UTC from web
              • Are people just not talking or is RDN glitching out???

                Monday, 29-Feb-16 00:26:32 UTC from web
              • More importantly, !nolife
                - Fixed a minor bug related to people deleting their posts
                - Only mods can turn it on/off (Change the modList list as needed)
                - Will no longer be run independently, so if a person is interested in it, get python, install modules, run it yourself on any OS (I think)

                Thursday, 25-Feb-16 05:01:47 UTC from web
                • Can somebody please tell me what "auroflux genderfluid" is

                  Tuesday, 23-Feb-16 21:09:05 UTC from web
                • !nolife
                  Lvbot II updated.

                  - Slightly cleaner
                  - Slightly more efficient
                  - Can turn the welcoming function on/off
                  - Less triggering and more PC welcome/congratulatory messages (Slightly)

                  - Make it so only mods can turn welcome functions on/off
                  - More efficient and clean
                  - More messages
                  - Find a way to make the bot reference Dwarf Fortress
                  - Considering making the bot post a single random message if no one has posted for three hours

                  Tuesday, 23-Feb-16 17:31:30 UTC from web
                • Feminism?

                  Monday, 22-Feb-16 02:33:48 UTC from web